Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23rd Letter - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my loves!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! (:

We had an investigator at church! First one for us here in Providence!! Yay! Best Christmas present ever! (; her name is Maggie (: I love her! She is like our only investigator right now.

Well this week was good! Lots of ups and a few downs..

 Quick update(running out of time)

Monday we went out to eat with a member and she was a great example of a member missionary! She was talking to our waitron about church! It was great! (: I love when members are missionaries!

Tuesday was a great productive day! The weather was amazing! One of our best days here (: The rest of the week was interesting.. Sister Burrows was sick sadly. Which was hard. I think she got my sickness. Then my bike broke... Brakes aren't working.. So hopefully tomorrow at our zone Christmas conference I can get it fixed and working. (:

Sunday was amazing! One of my most favorite days! The ward had their Christmas program. It was beautiful! The music was amazing!! I love this Christmas season! We are all so blessed to be part of this amazing gospel!! We also got some interesting news on Sunday. The whole stake boundaries are changing. So Sister Burrows and I might not be in the Providence ward anymore. And we might not be serving the two other set of missionaries that we have been with in our ward. Which is sad news. We'll find out more about it next Sunday. But it was a little announcement in Sacrament meeting. The ward was very sad about it too. But a lot of them saw it coming. The ward is pretty big! But they had the boundaries changed 2 years ago. So nobody thought it was going to be this soon. So it's kind of like a mini transfer... We'll see what happens (:

Sister Burrows and I taught the lesson in Sunday School and it was about the second coming of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong!! It was so neat to hear some of the testimonies of some of the recent converts in the ward about what they felt about the second coming and how they are preparing. They are so excited about everything in life! And when something goes wrong, they are so strong! What amazing examples they are to me! We tried to go caroling last night with a family and the other set sisters last night after dinner and it was just pouring all night long. So instead we caroled inside and Sister Burrows and I shared a Bible video about Christ and the nativity off of our iPads. It was so neat! The spirit was so strong!! I love the Bible videos! I invite everyone to go and watch some if you have not before. They are on lds.org. And are amazing!

I love you all so much!! I am so grateful for all of you!! I know that Jesus is the Christ! I know that He died for us! Remember Him this Christmas week!! & Please stay safe and warm(:



Sister Knell

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16th Letter - Hi hi (:

Hello loved ones (:

So last week I didn't have time to send out an email.. SORRY! But it was a slow week.. haha. no surprise (; !

We did get a new investigator! Her name is Maggie. She is also known as an eternal investigator.. So hopefully Sister Burrows and I can change that. She is the sweetest lady! I love her! She is from Peru and seriously the best! Very feisty.. haha! (:

This week was good-ish.. We had a zone activity and went Ice skating!! It was SO much fun!!! I didn't fall once!! Ciera and Rach should be proud of me (; I got my hairs cut (: ha. Only like an inch. I love my long hair! Yes, finally!! (;

I was super duper sick!! Still am getting over it :S It all started at a member's house. She has a cat.. and I think it like rules the house.. because there was cat hair all over the place!! (probably not as bad as Jenni's cat house.. haha but still bad) My hands were getting all itchy and swollen!! I was sneezing like crazy and coughing all dinner long! My throat was starting to get itchy and tight. I had no idea that she had a cat or else I would have taken my allergy medicine. But after that it all went down hill sadly (health wise). But I got a Priesthood blessing yesterday and am feeling better!! (: YAY!

So our whole mission got ipads Wednesday!!! Which is so fun! Remember when I had one like 6 months ago? Well they have totally changed them!! Like now we have email on our ipads and we can check it throughout the day (only read during lunch, dinner and after planning of course). Its the same concept of letters from the mailbox which is neat! But we can only write back on Mondays. And they will be our ipads for the rest our missions. We'll bring them with us to every area. I still miss my beautiful white paper planner.. But I am trying to love the new tools! (; they are great!

Well this week our stake had the "Festival of the Nativity" which had 400+ nativities from around the world! We didn't get to go... ): but we got to help set up! So we saw a sneak peek! (: It was beautiful!! I wish we would have been able to see it all together at the end.. but its okay.

So Christmas.. no one has signed up to feed us.. so.. I am not sure what that means with skype.. So I will hopefully let you know next week (: Dee, I got your package! Thank you! I haven't open my presents yet. I'm going to wait til Christmas (: Well out of time (: I love you all so much!! thank you for all the love and support!!


Sister Knell

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9th Letter - No big main letter this week!

She barely wrote me this: "t of time! hand write ya(:" Haha I thought it was funny that she couldn't even finish a sentence! She must've really been out of time!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2nd Letter - Thanksgiving Week!

Hi!! I hope all y'all had a great Thanksgiving!!!! (: Mine was good!! The family that feed us we so fun!! and the food was delicious!! (: This week was very slow again and I got sick.. ): and then got my poor companion Sister Burrows sick too!! So it was very very slow! But We are both finally feeling better!!! (; YAY!! The beginning of this week was super rainy!! and I think that is where I got sick. We walked 4.5 miles in the pouring rain! -it wasn't raining when we left-keep that in mind! haha (: So after that I got really sick. But the ward members here are amazing and took really good care of us!! (: I was so grateful!! Saturday was a meeting just for the sister missionaries. It was beautiful!! Our mission Presidents daughter came and spoke to us. She served in AUS. She spoke about "Whole vs. Hole" and what the differences were and how we want to be WHOLE missionaries and women. Then sister Craven spoke about being "holy women" which is what Whole means Holy. It was amazing! I wish I had more time to tell you more about it! Maybe next week (: Sunday we got to help teach in YW which was a lot of fun (: I miss YW!! (: It was great! I sure love y'all!! OH!! Thank you Kathy Mills and the Young family for the birthday goodies!!! Made my day!! Love, Sister Knell (:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My new address is:

November 17th Letter- Hello again Charlotte, North Carolina (:

Hello darlings!!
Well guess what!!  I got transferred back to Charlotte!  But In a totally different Ward and Stake.  I am closer to South Carolina now, part of my area even covers it!  So Now I have been to every part of my mission (; yay!
Sister Burrows is from Northern Arizona (a little town called Fredonia) she has been out three months and is great!  I love working with her already!  We are opening a third area in Providence!  So now they will have three sets of missionaries in this ward!  Crazy!  The work is moving forward! (:  I love it!
Well This part of Charlotte is the very, very nice part.. So pray we will find humble people to teach..  Because so far we haven't had any luck sadly..  We had a total of 4 hour lessons last week..  I forgot what its like first opening an area..  The Monday before transfers Sister Blaney and I had two other lessons, found three new investigators and had two lessons with less active members--all after 5pm!  Which was a miracle!!  But just shows the difference..  I know that we will get there soon though!  I have the faith (:  We can do it!!
Well out of time.. but some news..
My whole mission will be getting iPads during the first week of December!!  Crazy huh?!!  Sister Burrows is so excited!! haha.  I'm excited too!  But going to miss my white little planners (; haha
Elder Quentin L. Cook (spelling?) will be coming this weekend as well!!  Super excited!! (:
My new address is:

1821 Echo Forest Drive #103
Charlotte, NC 28270
Letters are always welcomed (;
Well out of time!!
I love you all so so much!!
Sister Knell

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11th Letter - Leaving Danville ):

Hello loved ones!! (:

Well I am getting transferred!!  ):  

I am so sad to leave Danville!!!!  But also super excited for whatever will come!! (:

This week was a slooowwww week!!  But still great!!! Because of Daylight savings it is sunny in the morning and we go running now!!  YAY!!  We've gone almost every day!!!  (:  It has helped me have more energy throughout the day!  And it was bike week so lots of movement!  Which was good because it was SO cold this past week!!  They keep telling us that it might snow on Wednesday.. Too bad I'll miss it (; haha

Well we biked LOTS this week!!  It actually felt so good!!  I am starting to really like biking!!  Except on windy days.. that is not fun..

The leaves are beautiful here!!  But ALL over the place!  ha.  We raked my favorite persons yard!  Her name is Ida Mae Bliss.  She is the sister on my Facebook page.  She is 98 years old and amazing!!  We love her!!  She reminds me of Gpa Tom a bit (: ha.  She made us Chicken noodle soup and Hot cocoa afterwards. So sweet!  (:  But the hot cocoa was made with milk.. so sister Blaney had to secretly drink both of them.. haha.  We had 13 30gallon size bags from her yard!  It was seriously COVERED with leaves.  She has a huge tree in front of her house. And her neighbors have lots around her too!  Lots of trees!  I love it!!  Its funny the leaves here reminded me of the snow in Utah!  Everyone has leaves on there cars and all around their cars.  They have to blow the leaves away. ha too funny to me!

Friday we had a zone meeting and zone lunch.  It was lovely as always!!  But one thing that really stood out to me was how important it is to have bold, simple and powerful statements, especially while door and street contacting.  the spirit is so strong with simple short phrases.  I love it!  
So that is something I will be working on this week!  

Y'all could try it too!!  What we did was, 
find a principle out of PMG ch 8 (or just a church principle)--which is just six words of less. 
then share a core experience about the principle,  
Scripture to support princicple
and then finish by testifying.
It is so powerful!!  And doesn't have to be too long!

I'd love it if you'd share one you came up with!!  (:

After we had a zone lunch!  Which was lots of fun!  We had Chick-fil-a which is my new favorite!! haha probably not that best though (; I'm becoming a southern! haha

Then our apt. manager( who is a member) took us out to eat at a seafood place which was sooo yummy!  I thought I hated seafood..  I am starting to like lots of new things out here!  It is crazy!  And then after she said she had a surprise for us!  And she made us Italian cram bracelets!  It was the sweetest thing!  I love Sister Richardson!  I will miss her so much!!  She knew one of us would be leaving so she wanted us to have a memory of her and Danville!  Best memory ever!! (: 

Yesterday was a bit rough saying goodbye to the ward.. ): but It was the Primary Program!  So it was great!!  the children were adorable!!  And so great at their parts!!  Loved it!!  I miss my lil' ones back home!  So precious!!

OH!  Mom, tell sister Andersen's Primary class that I have given two of their copies of the Book of Mormon out!  One was Matt Runnell's Book of Mormon-I gave it to one of our investigators named Beverly.  She is great!  and loved the compass in it!  And the other was Jadden's Book of Mormon-I gave it to a man named Doug, he loves learning about religion and really enjoyed the Book of Mormon but left his at his cabin and hasn't been able to get it.  So I thought that would be perfect!  He was grateful!  So those are they only two I have given out so far!  I am trying to give out to those who really will appreciate them! (:  So please let them know!! (:  thank you!!

I love y'all so much!! 

Thank you for all the support!!!


Sister Knell


Monday, November 4, 2013

November 8th Letter - Short on Time...

Hi hi!!

So out of time!! Sorry!!!

I love you all so much!!

This week has been a good one and a rough one.. 

There was a passing of a sweet little 8 day old baby last week and we went to her funeral this week.  It was a hard one.. I kept thinking about all my sweet nieces and nephews and how much I love them and am so blessed for them and my family!  This family is a part member family and have been struggling spiritually and in many other ways..  So losing this sweet angel was even harder.  
It was interesting to be at the funeral..  It was just a graveside service. And Our bishop here spoke and then the preacher of the dad's side spoke.  The spirit was so strong and amazing when bishop Mullins was speaking.  I felt so calm and peaceful about everything.  But them the preacher spoke.. and it just didn't feel right..  

I am so grateful for the gospel!!  We are so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father!!  And to know about the Plan of Salvation!!!

I love you all!!!


Sister Knell

OH!!  Transfer CALLS this Saturday, so it y'all are sending me something in the mail, it needs to get there by the 9th just in case I get transferred!


October 28th Letter - Lots of Time in the Car

Hello y'all!!!!!

Out of time!

This week has been an AMAZING week!!!!
So last Monday as you know we had Elder Zwick and his wife come and speak to us! Then sister Blaney and I had exchanges on Thursday and Friday!  I went to Tanglewood-which is in Winston-Salem, NC (1 1/2 hour drive) and got to serve with Sister Wright!  We came out at the same time!  It was so much fun!!!  And sister Blaney stayed here in Danville, VA and Sister Bowman came here to work with her.  I love having Sister training Leaders!!  They are the BEST!!  Exchanges are the funnest things!!  I look up to those sisters so much!  They are seasoned missionaries!  Then Saturday we had another Mission Conference and got to hear from Elder Parker and Elder and Sister Kopischke!  They were hilarious!  I love sister Kopischke!  To finish off the week we had 3 investigators at church!!!!  What a wonderful week!!!  I have been spiritually feed like crazy!!!

I know the church is true!!!

I love you all so much!!

Sister Knell 
my halloween pumpkin painted gold! hehe

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct 14th Letter - Fall is in the air! And LOTS of RAIN!!! ;)

Hi y'all!!
Out of time! But a quick list of highlights!

Monday- Did our laundry at one of my favorite members homes ;) (I know I can't really have favorites..)  It was so fun!!  and relaxing!!  She served in the North Carolina Charlotte mission too!!  Which was fun to talk about all the places shes been and where she served and how it is all changed!  She showed us pictures and everything!  so fun!!
Ha.. and Monday night was an interesting night... we lost our phone in one of our investigators cars.. ahaha and long story short didn't get home til 10:45pm.. and bed almost midnight.. ahaha crazy adventure!!

Tuesday- Got Dee's package!! yay!!!  Made my day!!! (:  Thank you Dee!  Provo bakery cookies!  The BESTEST!!
We had an amazing experience with one of our investigators Debra!  We taught her the stop smoking lesson and there is a part where she has to crush the box of cigarettes by the count of three and when we got to 2 she had already crushed them!!  She was so excited!!  haha It made me so excited!!  She is doing great!!!  (:  she came to one of the primary children's baptisms and really enjoyed it!  But said she had a lot of questions!!  So we will be visiting with her today!  and she has continued to not smoke!!  Which is huge!!  (: so happy!!!! 

Wednesday- Was a very slow day..

Thursday-Zone Conference!!!  So AMAZING!!  I love President and Sister Craven!!!  We also have a Mission Conference coming up this weekend and there will be two from the seventy!  EXCITING!

Friday- Service with our lovely sister Reyes!  And there was rat poop everywhere and we didn't have masks or anything.. --long showers afterwards,,, haha..
There was a huge bonfire that night at a members home!!  SO FUN!!!  Jen our investigator came!!  It was great!

Saturday-Got a package from sister Andersen!!  Thank you!!  Such a great surprise!!!  (:  Tell her thank you please!!! 

Sunday-Biked to the church in the rain... to PEC.. soaked!!! hahaha

Getting a cold... eek!!

Today played disc golf!!!  SO fun!!

love y'all!!!!


Sister Knell

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sept 30th Letter - Lots of Little Things

Hello y'all!!

Okay so sorry about last week!!!  

Highlights of this week:

Mon: We had a zone activity which was lots of fun!!  But wasted 95 miles getting there and back :S but the zone leaders said they'd take care of it, thankfully!!

Tue: We had an amazing meeting with the primary presidency on our ward.  I love being able to see how things work in the church--behind the scenes ;) A lot of work really goes into EVERY little change, activity or idea.  I love it!  
We had lunch with a recent convert named Federica.  The elders baptized her a few weeks ago.  It was a lot of fun!  She is a sweetie!!  You can just see the light beaming off of her!!  It is truly amazing how this gospel blesses peoples lives!
Then we had more service at our ward members Garden shop, which I LOVE!!!  We made a pumpkin display!!  Lots of fun!  (:

Wed: We had district meeting and lunch.  It was amazing!!  I was able to bear my testimony about priesthood blessings and how they are truly inspired by our loving Heavenly Father!  We all said goodbye to elder Bench--he goes back home wednesday.  He's our district leader.  Crazy!!  It's been reminding me of when Josh and Ben cam home.  Weird to see it on the other end now! ha
Then that night we had a fun canning service with the ward.  I'm lots about stuff out here!! Gardening, canning, maybe I'll be good at food storage when I go home! ;)

Thurs: Sister Blaney has been teaching me how to play the piano!  SO fun!!  But hard and a little frustrating.. hahaa  but I love it! 
We had a lesson on facebook!!  YAY!  with a man we met one day as we were finding.  So hopefully something will come from it!  (:  

Friday was a really great bust day!!  We met lots of people!  We had lunch at O'Kelly's, oh my goodness!! SOOO GOOD!!!  We need one in Utah!! haha
We had a really great lesson with Debra one of our investigators!  She is growing so much!!  But didn't come to church or the RS broadcast.. which was sad :( but hopefully next time!  We had dinner with my favorites! haha the Holtry family!  I have a really funny story about us and sister Holtry.. that I didn't share last week but out of time.  It includes her car, rainy night and a tree in the middle of the road.. haha a very fun adventure that night!! haha

Sat: The ward had a pancake breakfast for a sweet little girl who has a tumor on her brain and she is going into surgery this next coming week.  The ward here is amazing to each other, I love see them help each other!  They are great!
The RS broadcast was so much fun!!!!!!!  We had a dinner before and activities.  The activities were my favorite!  we were able to really get to know each other and there were lots of laughs!!  It reminded me of get togethers with the Knell clan!  i loved it!  (:  We had an investigator come to the broadcast!!  YAY!!  and the dinner!!  We see here tonight, so I'll let you know what she thought!  Hopefully she liked it!! she is a very strong southern baptist..
We had transfer calls and Sister Blaney and I are staying!!  yay!!  As you know Elder Bench is leaving--so weird! Oh and we are now in a car share.. not excited... hahaha 
More biking!!  Wish me luck ;)

Sun: no investigators at church :( but hopefully next week at G.C. :D
Sunday was a great day!!  Haha out of time!

I love y'all es mucho!!! 


Sister Knell 

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th Letter - Inspired Knocking!!

Hey Y'all!!!!!

This week has been amazing!!!!  We have seen so many miracles!!!  

I am running out of time again :S  but I'll give you a quick highlight for each day!  (:

Tuesday we got another new investigator!!  Her name is Debra Avery!!  We call her Sister Avery!!  She is the sweetest lady!!  After her appt. we had another appt. w/Chuck but he wasn't there so we decided we should get the bike pump from the elders (our bike tires were VERY low) and so we made plans to meet them at the church but on our way there we passed a cute little white house and I felt like we needed to stop and knock on the door.  A lady answered the door and then told us to hold on (normally this doesn't happen, they just say sorry not interested).  We hear a lot of shuffling around and then a man comes to the door (I was worried he was going to tell they weren't interested--in a nice stern voice "yelling").  he invited us in and shock our hands.  They apologized for their house being messy.  We could tell they changed their clothes and cleaned up the house.  Sister Blaney and I were in shock!!!  Then the man (David) started talking about religion!  We were really shocked!!  Long story short!  David has been looking for a church!!  He feels like all the churches he has gone to lately are very hypocritical and he doesn't want his children to be raised in a church like that.  We talked them about the church and what we believed.  He was very interested but their whole family was sick and so they wanted us to come back next week.  Hopefully we start working with them!!  They had the cutest little ones and I felt something in David.  His wife Sherry doesn't believe in God right now but I could see that change as well.  Meeting with them was a tender mercy from the Lord!  I am grateful I have been listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost!!  Sometimes I get nervous and think, "nah, next time" (especially when its pouring and I look like a hobo ;) but I am grateful I didn't do that with David and Sherry!!  I know they needed that in some way or another to let them know God is listening to them!  (:

The rest of the week was great!!  I wish I could share it all but I am really out of time.. eek!!

I love you all so much!!!!  I hope y'all have a blessed week!!!!

Sister Knell

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd Letter - Many Miracles!


Well, I need to be quick!!!

This week has been amazing!!  We have seen so many miracles!!  Especially just yesterday!!!  We got three new investigators! We had exchanges and both the High Point sisters came here!  It was truly amazing all the success we saw!!  And all in one day!!  Labor Day was probably my favorite day!!!  And they are all pretty solid!!! yay!!!  The work is moving forward in Danville!!!  (:

Tuesday we had interviews with President Craven.  i feel so blessed to be under his direction!  he is an amazing mission president!!  I know I am suppose to be here in Danville!  I love the people so much!!

Wednesday the ward had an open house for us sisters.  It was AMAZING!!!!  The ward got together and brought us everything we needed for our apartment and pantry.  Seriously EVERYTHING!!  Sister Blaney and I felt so loved!!  We know miracles are going to happen here!  It was also fun to get to see that text from mom through the bishopric!  Small world!!  i love doTERRA! ;) 

Thursday we got a new investigator named Jason.  He is actually our neighbor.  Dad, he's the one that told me about the BYU vs Virginia game.  We are trying to help him stop smoking.  He has the desire.  Just needs to do it now.  But we had an amazing lesson with him and a member yesterday.  He is progressing!!  I know he can do it!

Friday was a crazy interesting day!  But one funny thing that happened was that we visited a lady named Pat in the ward that collects coca cola everything and has a warehouse just full of coca cola stuff. anywho..  She offered us coca cola and I have learned here in the South, you do not turn down anything or the people here get offended.  I warned sister Blaney about it but she didn't listen.. haha.  So when Pat gave us one and sister Blaney said no, the whole atmosphere changed and Pat was so sad and offended!!  And then I became Pat's favorite! ha.  It was something you probably had to be there for.. but it was really funny!  Oh!  and she made me put salted peanuts in my coke!  It was actually pretty good! ha.  She said it was a "redneck southern thing" but none of members have heard about it.. so she was probably just pulling my leg.. oh well.. it was fun! (:

Lots more happened but I am out of time!!

I love you all and this work!!  The church is true!!!


Sister Knell

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th Letter - She's in Virginia!!?!

Hey y'all!!

Transfers were totally different this time around!!  nobody knew what was going to happen.  President called it a "Box B" experience.  Which made it a little more stressful!  Ha.  Sister Reid and I cried a bit during transfers...  I am going to miss her!!  She is so great!!  She is training too!!  I am excited for her, she is going to be an amazing trainer!

Well, I am in Danville, Virginia!  Sister Blaney and I are opening the area for sisters!!  Sister Blaney is brand new!  And I will be training her!  She is the sweetest thing!!  I am excited to work with her!  She is from Carston-Alberta, Canada!

It is so weird to be in Virginia!!  I feel like I should be in North Carolina!  You would think I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but somehow i can.  The ward here is AMAZING!!  We got in super late on Tuesday night because the drive was three hours long because there were a few detours and such!  And the bishop and his wife and brother Evans were waiting for us with dinner and things for the apt. So so sweet!! 

The apt is so tiny!!  The town has a small town feel to it!  Downtown is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Main Street is full of Victorian homes that a HUGE and gorgeous!  I am in LOVE!! haha  Sister Blaney probably gets annoyed by how much I talk about the homes here. ha (: 

Interesting story:
At transfers I was picking up our "Danville" opening box and one of the Assistants comes up to me and says, "there is a new name for you in the mission office." and I am thinking, "Oh no!!  What did I do?!" he continues to say, "So we were finishing up transfers with President Craven and had everything all figured out.  President was having a hard time because he really wanted to open Danville up for sisters.  He kept saying, 'I wish we had just ONE more sister' and then we looked down and saw your name on the ground.  B/c you had fallen off the transfer board!"  So they did transfers without me!! haha I was like wow this is a great a story--y'all forgot about me. ha but then he told me they call me, "the transfers angel" 

For some reason hearing that really helped me be more excited about opening Danville.  B/c I was getting really nervous about being so far away from the mission office and leaving University City.  It was really hard.  But I know that this is where I am suppose to be!!  I am excited to serve here!  The people are amazing!!  We have had so many great experiences already!!  I know the work is going to grow here!!  I can just feel it!

Oh!  And I spoke on Sunday!  All of us missionaries did.  The ward was having a special fast on missionary work and helping the work move along here in Danville.  I am excited to see whats going to happen.  The Lord is truly hastening His work!!

I love you all so so much!!!

Sister Knell

ps, everyone says, "aunt" like Dee does!! haha LOVE IT!!

and mom and dad, one of you asked about letters to my comps families.  Yes, I do that (:


Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19th Letter - Leaving University City ):

Hello Family! (:

First off, I am getting transferred ): sadly!!  I leave tomorrow!  I am not a fan of packing! haha

--hold any letters!!  I'll send my next address next week! --

Well, this week was slower...like very slow... which made it kind of rough.  But I know God is in charge and great things are going to happen!

A little random funny from this week:
The other day sister Reid and I got caught in a rainstorm as we were biking to an appt.  Well our appt. fell through so we were biking back and we passed by this cute white house.  I had a feeling we needed to stop there.  But I ignored it.. and kept riding on.  But then the feeling was even stronger!  So, I yelled to sister Reid to stop and turn back because we needed to knock on this door.  Also, I needed to go to the bathroom so I thought, "perfect! I can use the bathroom and then sister Reid and talk to them!" ha.  We get to the door and a lady says, hello and then we ask to use her restroom and that we are far from our apt.  She hesitates but then lets us come in.  We were soaked!!!  So, when I came out of the bathroom sister Reid was laughing at something.  She seemed nervous having us there so we said thank you left her a Mormon.org card with our name and number and left.  As we were leaving sister Reid said the little boy turned to his mother and said,  "Mom, do we always have to be nice to hobos?" hahahaha I was dying!!  We must have looked awful!  I have no idea why we needed to stop there but maybe something will come out of it (:
*We celebrated sister Reid's 3 month mark by ordering Chinese take-out!!  So yummy!!! (: --it reminded me of home and all the fun times my friends and I ordered Chinese take-out (: happy days!
*My 6 month mark is tomorrow!!  Crazy Sauce!
*The past week has been amazing fall weather!!  So hopefully fall is coming soon here in North Carolina!
*I dyed sister Reid's hair.  It looks good! (: 
*Our apt. will now have Hilliard sisters!!  They will be working with the Zone Leaders in the YSA ward.  We don't know who they will be yet, well tomorrow (: sister Reid keeps joking that I'll be a Hilliard sister and pack up my stuff just to unpack in the next rooms closet.. haha I'd die!! (;
*Best surprise!  Etta called us from Michigan to tell us she made it safely there!  I love her!!  Made my day.  She will get baptized one day!!  I just know it!!

All is well!

I love y'all!!


Sister Knell

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12th Letter - Interesting Week...

Hello my lovely ones!!
This week has been a funny one!!  So many random and weird things throughout the days! ha.
First, we had a zone activity on Monday.  BEST DAY EVER!!!  I felt like a normal human again!! hahaha... and still a missionary.. don't worry.  (; We had a BBQ at a park and played volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and random other stuff.  It was SO FUN!!!  It was seriously mine and Sister Reid's FAVORITE day!! haha and it helped that we went to target!  The clothes were so cute!!  It was awful!  Now I know why we don't go there!! haha.  Both of my MTC companions are in my zone!  Crazy huh!?  It was great seeing them again.  I just love being with the whole zone and other missionaries in general!  I feel safe and always happy! Ha. Is that weird? 
We are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission.  I may have mentioned that.. but I am so grateful to be reading it together!  I know it will truly help us grow together! and be united!
Sister Reid and I are starting blogs..  but I don't know what to write... BLEH!  Any suggestions?  You can message me on facebook with any ideas! (:  I would LOVE that.  B/C I don't know what to put on there.. ha.  So far I have the courage video on there.. but might take it down..  I don't know.  It'll be sister-rebeccaknell.blogspot.com
We had district meeting with President and Sister Craven.  We talked a lot about facebook and the ipads since we are the district piloting them.  The other district in or zone will be getting ipads as well and the WHOLE mission will soon be on facebook.  So CRAZY!  Sister Reid and I thought that we'd get to stay together another transfer at least because we are piloting the ipads.  But President told us that anyone could be transferred.  That's part of the piloting.  Seeing if missionaries are able to adapt to the ipads.  Now sister Reid and I are worried we'll be split ); we are sad and hope not.  Transfer calls are on this Saturday!!  Crazy sauce!  Oh President and Sister Craven took us all to Subway after district meeting for lunch.  It was so fun!  Then one of the assistants was the last one in line with president Craven and he started talking to the subway guy and got his contact info.  The sisters we were sitting with stopped eating and said, "oh man, what if this was a test..?!" the other said, "Then we all failed but elder Frampton." hahaha oops.  I was so hungry, I only thought of the food.. I need to get better at talking to EVERYONE!  any tips? (:
We had a lesson with Jen this week and it went great! As always!  She was cleaning out her pantry and wanted to give us some food that she can't eat because of her diabetes.  So of course she gives us a box that use to carry beer in it...  Sister Reid and I were DYING!!  We didn't know what to do!  The box was covered with the logo.  We were worried it would look bad!  Which of course it did!  So I covered it with my sweater and we ran inside and emptied it then smashed it up and through it away.. ahaha so funny.. I guess y'all had to be there...
We are teaching a sweet girl named Zachene.  She is from Jamaica!  We LOVE her!!  Her granparents have been staying with her from Michigan.  They ARE SOCUTE!!! ha!  Sister Reid and I LOVE them!  They were heading back home this past weekend.  We got pictures with them and said goodbye.  It was so sad!  They were loving the lessons!  We are going to send the missionaries to them in Michigan.  When we first got to Zachene's house.  Papa was trying different outfits on for the pictures!  LOVE him!  They are seriously the cutest couple!  His first outfit was lime green shorts and a black zip up polo with a black hat and a money sign necklace.. hahaha THE BEST!!  I will miss them!
So now to the weird stuff!
So about a month ago we met a guy at the bus stop as we were walking home and were suppose to meet with him but he didn't show.  And the other day we ran into him at the library.  He said he'd love a church tour!  We were so excited!  So we had an appt. set and everything!  We got to the place we suppose to pick him up (with a member of course) and he cancelled go figure.. and then he texted us later and was all mad that we couldn't see him at the time he wanted and he texted us, "We do it today or no deal I don't want to waste my time." Sister Reid and I were shocked!!!  So we apologized and said we couldn't cuz we had an appt. anywho.. he called us later that night wanting to hang out.  hahaha.. oh gees and when we said we weren't allowed to he said we were part of a cult.  Oh wow. very interesting!  He's 21 so we'll pass him over to the YSA elders anyway.
last story!  Then I have to go!  So,  I was feeling really sick that night and so right after planning I went to sleep.  Like right at 9:30pm  I was out.  I woke up to sister Reid all scared at 11pm.  She says, "Sister Knell did we lock the front door!!??" "Some guy just called us and now I'm really scared!!"  I was still half asleep I don't remember what I said.  So long story short..  there is a guy we met through facebook who is from Africa.  His visa has expired and so he wants to find a wife so he can stay in the country.  He keeps trying to get in contact with us.  We keep telling him he is not in our area so we can't and he is already working with the Zone leaders, and to make this even shorter...  We were so scared from his call that we pushed our beds together sang hymns and then called the zone leaders.. we were so scared!  We thought they needed to know.. The next morning we felt so lame b/c everything was okay.... so embarrassing!! haha.
The church is true!  The work is growing!!  I hope all is well!  I love you all so much!!
Have a blessed day!!
Sister Knell
ps sorry if that was all random.. that was how our week was. xo

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th Letter - Maggots & Eating Aloe Vera?!


How is everyone doing?!?  I hope lovely! (:

This week has been crazy full of service!!  Sister Reid and I are going to start a moving company!! haha because we helped move three families this week!!  Two in ONE day!!!  We called it Thomas day because their lasts names were Thomas. haha and two different Thomas families.  Hahaha and the move on Saturday was very...interesting...  We knew it'd be pretty bad and it was.. sadly.  We are happy for this member to be out and into a new clean home.  Poor Sister Reid had to go into her bathroom and grab a picture off the wall.  She said she is scarred forever she sad.  It was full of flies and maggots.. icky!

Yesterday we helped teach the primary.  Six to seven year olds.  It made me miss my sunbeams!!  Tell them hello for me!!  they were the cutest things!!  I loved their answers to questions about the 10 commandments and the 2,000 stripling warriors!  So cute!!  

We are working with a lady named Zachene.  She is one of our members co-workers.  She is from Jamaica!  She is one of our favorites!!  This week when we went and visited her she feed us the NASTiest stuff! hahaha.. Aloe vera!!  from the plant!! It was so slimp and weird tasting!!  She just laughed.. rude!! haha  and she made us try malaise mixed with water and then these ginger and coconut cookies.  You think would taste good but weren't my favorite!  The Jamaicans have different taste buds.. haha

Well I am out of time again this week!! Sorry!! 

This week was a little slower!

I love y'all!!
OH! and yes dad, I do know a Sister Tanner!!  I love her!!  Everytimne we see each other we hug and say we'll be companions one day (;

have a blessed day!


Sister Knell

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th - Facebook Mission!

Hello Family and friends!!
Well this past week has been amazing!!  We have been so very blessed!  Jen Kramer got baptized Friday and confirmed Sunday.  We had another double baptism with the elders in our area.  The work is growing in University City!  I am so grateful to be apart of it! 
We found Jen through a pestcontrol guy named Trey.  He knocked on her door and somehow they started talking about the Book of Mormon.  He invited her to church and that is how we found her.  We started teaching her since that day and Friday she got baptized.  She is an amazing woman.  I am so excited to see her go to the emple and do her husbands work.  He recently passed away.  I know God had been  preparing her to hear the gospel.  Her live has changed so much because of the gospel.  I have been so happy and feeled with because of working with her!
I am so sorry this letter is going to be pretty short..
Real quick some highlights!
We went on exchages with sisters Webber and Jameson.  Sister Jameson worked at doTERRA for a while in the call center.  Small world!  It was so much fun serving with her for the exchange!  SHe has such a sweet spirit and love for the gospel!
We had a BBQ on pioneer day as a ward and we were all stuck under a pavillion b/c is was raining so hard!! hah but it was so much fun.  After the rain settled  we played a little b-ball with Nautykah's little Sister Nyemah.  She is interested in the church.  She came Sunday.  She is so sweet!  and AMAZING at b-ball.  It was a super fun night!  Jen was telling everyone about her baptism!  haha and just beaming!!  The ward has been so great with her!!  I love this ward!!!
My mission is now a facebook mission so I will be on facebook a lot more.  Everyday actually.  so don't be surprised if I message you! haha.  and please message me back!!
AH!  THere is so much I want to share but I am running out of time :(
I love you all so so much!!!  Thank you for all you do!!!
Sister Shoemake!  I love you and miss Stateville!!  How are the new sisters? 
Sister Knell

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22nd Letter - Only 13 Months Left?

Hello family and friends!! (: 

This week was hot, HOT, HOTT!!!  Sister Reid and I were dying!  Plus we were on the bikes this week.  We tried our hardest to get rides everywhere, we did pretty good! (:  But for some reason when ever we go visit this lovely lady in our ward we always think, "lets just go through campus, it'll be a lot faster!" (we live across from University of North Carolina - Charlotte) but every time we go through campus we get lost and it ends up taking us forever to get to our apt! haha its ridiculous!  You'd think we would learn by now not to go through campus.. well at least not walk through campus, biking isn't as bad.  Since we are piloting the iPads with only WiFi we always have to find places that have WiFi.  Our apt. complex has an office that if you sit outside of it you can get WiFi.  Well that's exactly what Sister Reid and I do like every night so we can sync our area books to each other and get on Facebook.  But its also near the pool which means mosquitoes! :S poor Sister Reid has 27 bites!!  I only have like 5 but it feels like millions!  I am always so itching from the bites..  We have this nasty bug spray that smells like mountain men in our apt. but we don't want to stink.. ha so I guess we deserved it.. today hopefully we'll buy yummy smelling kind.. if such a thing. haha

GUESS WHAT!  We have another baptism this weekend on Friday.  Jen Kramer!  And this morning we got the best text from her it said, "My baptism is going to be AWESOME! I'm so excited!"  Which just made my day!  We are super excited as well and feel so blessed to have been able to work with her!  Her husband died a year and a half and go and she has been having a really hard time but ever since we've been working with her, her countenance has changed and you can see the light of Christ in her glowing!  I just love her!

This past week has felt like one of the slowest weeks of my life.. hahaha...  Also, I have come to love "Pasta-Roni".. haha.  Sister Reid and I eat it A LOT!! haha

Sister Reid and I had dinner with Sister Roman a lady in our ward who we have been working with and just LOVE!!  haha.  She is so funny!! We live pretty close to her so we told her that we could just walk home but she was worried that we would die from the heat and so she gave us a ride home.  As we were driving home there was a man walking on the street and Sister Roman says, "Should I hit him?!" then, "I'm going to hit him!!!" (while sister Reid and I are just dying laughing) then she turns just in time to BARELY miss him.. haha oh wow.. and says, "Did you see how scared he looked!!!" Then she crazy laughed.. hahahaha so funny!!  We love her!  That was one of my highlights this week.. hahaha because this week was never ending!

We did have a Zone Conference this week!  It was GREAT!!  I love President and Sister Craven!!  They are so inspired and take such great care of us.  We learned: "How to Give a Talk" from Sister Craven.  Sister Craven is so sweet and proper.  I love learning from her!  She makes me want to be a better missionary and daughter of God. 

I love being a missionary!  I hit my 5 month mark the other day and it was so weird to think I only have 13 months left--that may not sound like a little but then next month will be only a year!! Crazy!!!  I am so blessed and grateful to be here in North Carolina!  The people here are amazing!  I feel the spirit of the Lord each and everyday!

We had a wonderful Sacrament meeting yesterday and one thing that stuck out to me was, "Are you just active in the church or are you active in the gospel?" I encourage all of us to always remember to read our scriptures and say our prayers daily!  I know that when we do these things it will help be active in the gospel and not just the actions of going to church every Sunday.

I love you all so much!!

Have a blessed day!


Sister Knell


Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th Letter - Facebook & iPads

Hello family and friends!! (:
This past week has been pretty busy with lots of meetings!!  First off some of you may have noticed my facebook page has had some recent activity on it!!  Well Guess WHAT!  We are testing facebook for our mission! AND...my district is one out of seven other districts to be piloting the new mini iPADS!!! President Wade from Church Headquarters came to our District Meeting Thursday and introduced the new iPADS.  Sister Reid and I each have our own ipads and they will replace our planners, areabook and ward roster!!  It pretty neat all that it can do!  We only have ipads no iphones.  Also, we only have wifi uses on it which is anther new thing they are testing because the other missions that are using them have iphones and a data plan so they can use them wherever they go.  But we can only use them in areas that have wifi which makes it kind of hard.  But we are excited about this new change.  We already miss our old white planners..  I was hoping I'd keep all of mine when I got home.. haha.  And I just liked how easy it was to quickly jot something down or I'd use it to write funny things that happened that I would write later in my journal.  A lot to get use to! 
Now facebook.  So we will be proselyting off of facebook too!  Which is very exciting!!  But I am still trying to figure out how it'll all work with my facebook page.  They said to use your old facebook page and to just modify it but I can't figure out how to hide things..  So if any of you can help me out with that, that would be much appreciated (:
So how it will work is Sister Reid and I will be able to teach lessons now over facebook, Skype and facetime.  We will be able to have member present lessons by having members Skype in or be apart of our facebook lessons.  They want us to have our friends and family apart of the facebook process so they can see how our missions are going and to hopefully interest friends and family who may not be members or are inactive.  We cannot communicate with friends or family over facebook unless it is for a missionary purpose, meaning a lesson being taught to a friend or non-member family member.  We are still learning a lot about it!  But so far that is the basics of it!
I hope I answered some questions!  I am running out of time!  Let me know if you have any other questions! (:  Pray for me!  I'm a little nervous about this online proselyting.. ha
This is an exciting time to be a missionary!! (:
I love you all so much!!!!
Sister Knell 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8th Letter - Baptisms & a Seventy!

This past week has been GREAT!!!  The baptism was AMAZING!!!!  I had never felt the spirit so strong!!  We had Nautykah getting baptized and then the elders in our area also had a baptism-the Valley family (4).  So there were 5 baptisms!  And over 100 people showed up!  It was beautiful!  Nautykah was just glowing!  Her mom and little sister came and now her mom is curious to learn more!  Sister Reid and I feel so blessed!  It was truly amazing!  Elder Parker from the seventy was there because he helped work with the Vallery family, he is one of the main reasons they got baptized.  When he heard they were going through with getting baptized, he changed his whole schedule to be there.  He also said so many amazing and powerful things!  he said that when you are released from your calling of being a Seventy your journals during that time period are put into church history.  He then said that, that night he was going to write about this baptism and that Nautykah and the Vallery family were going to be a bit of church history, which we all thought was pretty neat!  He then said toward Nautykah, "Nautykah, you will travel the world telling people about the gospel and through your example many of your family members will be baptized as well."  I thought that was amazing!!!  Many great things are going to happen in her life!  I am very excited for her!  And grateful I got to be a part of it.  President and Sister Craven came as well and President came up to Sister Reid and I and told us that he was very pleased with the work we were doing in University City and that we get to stay there and stay together(b/c it was transfer calls)!!! HAPPY DAY!!  It was a great finish to an amazing day!  OH! and President told us that Thursday we will be having a meeting for my district to introduce the IPADS!!! Our district is the one that gets to try them out!!!  WOOHOOO!! (:  SIster REid and I are super DUPER EXCITED!! ha (:
Then Sunday was just as beautiful!  The Vallerys and Nautykah got confirmed!  And her little sister and cousin came to that.  They sat behind us and it was so sweet to hear Nautykah teaching them about the hymns and sacrament.  It touched sister Reid and I.  We could already see her being that example.  After church we ate with our favorite family.  The Roisums!  Then later went to a Fiesta for the Spanish branch.  A YM was going to leave for his mission and that was his goodbye party I guess and they wanted us to sing with the Spanish elders Called to Serve.  It was a lot of fun!  It made me wish I new Spanish.. hahaha.  I love that culture!
The Lord is blessing this area and I feel so blessed to be here.
I love you!!
Sister Knell (:


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3rd - University City Ward!

I am still in my mission!  Do you remember my first night here I slept at another set of sisters appt.?  Well I am now serving in that area!  University City ward!  It is located in Charlotte, NC!  It's so pretty here!  I love all the buildings and greenery!  I am training Sister Reid.  She is from Sandy, UT.  She is super sweet!!  I am so blessed to have her as my companion!!  I know we are going to do great things here!!
This past week we had Elder Evens and Elder Nielsen from the seventy come and speak to us on Thursday.  It was AMAZING!!!!  He talked about the whole age change process and all the new changes that were the outcome of the age change and then some new things that will be coming out too for missionaries!!!  But we can't share them yet (; its a secret he said.  But it's exciting!!  The missionary work is growing so fast!!!!  I am so grateful to be here on my mission and be a part of this great time of missionary work.
The ward here is great!!  They are taking such great care of us!!  We live in a new apt from the one the other sisters use to live in and the scenery is soooooooooo pretty!!!!  Sister Reid and I saw out FIRST fireflies!!!!!  It was so fun!!  We tried to make videos... didn't turn out too great!  but it was fun!!  The ward has 600 members only 250 come on avg.  So we will be working with less actives.  They don't want us to really knock on doors anymore.  That's one thing Elder Evans said.  He said they are hoping to get rid of it completely and to work fully through the members of the ward. 
The city is a lot harder to drive in..  I;m the driver now and I keep getting lost haha.  We are driving a brand new 2013 Chevy.  Its nice!!!  I love it! hahaha.
Training isn't too bad right now but it's a lot of pressure.  Please pray for me to know what Sister Reid needs and how I can best serve her.  Now I'm the example... lots of responsibility...  freaks me out a bit!
I love you!!!
Sister Knell

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 21st Letter - Announcement of mission changes

Hello fam fam,
This past week was a hard-ish one.. haha Did I say that last time?  I felt like I did.  But it was a very slowwwwwwwww week and it felt like everyone cancelled on us or dropped us.  Not our favorite week.  But we did have many great meetings this week which helped me feel better and more excited to serve and jump in to working with the member in the ward. 
Well Monday we went to the Charlotte Speedway for a zone activity.  It was fun!  We were all in a big van.  There were so many missionaries that we had three vans! ha.  I loved that.  I took lots of pictures and a few videos.. but I am really bad at sending the via email..  I'm trying to get better!
We've met a lot with Nautykah this past week.  She is progressing!  I love her sweet spirit and fun personality!  She made that week a lot better!! 
Well we had a trainers/trainee meeting on Friday.  I've been to everyone of those meetings since I've been out on my mission. But I love getting to go to them because every time I learn something new about being a better companion and trainer.  I love when we get all together as missionaries too!  Its the best!!  I got to see Sister Lewis!  She was my other companion in the MTC with Sister Iczkowski.  I love her and miss her!!!  And I saw Sister Chandler!!!  She gave me the update on Stateville! Ha  it just made me miss it 100xs more!!  I loved my Statesville!!!  But I am loving Charlotte too.  The University City ward is amazing, so its all good(;
So for the broadcast Sister Reid and I had dinner at the Roisum's house (a family in our ward) and then watched the broadcast with them.  First I want to say, they are the cutest family ever!  They made me excited for my future one day (; ha.
The broadcast was amazing!!  Sister Reid and I were waiting for them to announce all the "big" news so I could finally tell y'all!  So you know how they mentioned missionaries using the internet?  Well our mission is one out of 5 missions that will start using iPad/iPhone/tablets etc!!  Elder Evans announced that a month ago during our conference here in Charlotte.  But now I can finally tell!! YAY! The plan for the iPads are to replace our planners and area books pretty much.  They will have updated maps and ward lists so missionaries will know where members live and who is who and investigators teaching records.  We are all so excited!!!!  We don't know what area will get them first.  Rumor going around that it's the Charlotte areas... (: but I'm not sure.  How exciting though!!  And having the church s open is something we are excited about too!!!  So many great things are happening in this amazing work!  I am so grateful to be apart of it!!  I saw Val in the choir too!!!  I was freaking out a bit!!! hahaha  I'm so proud of her for going on a mission.
I was thinking about Saturday morning breakfast too dad!!  I miss those days..  But can't wait to have them again!! (: yummy German pancakes!! mmm mm! :p
I got Haley's letter!! and cute graduation announcement!  I'll write her back today! (:
Oh! and tell Louisa that a boy in my ward here (University City) just got called to her same mission and he reports to the MTC the SAME day!!!! CRAZY!!! His name is James Adams!
I love you all soooo much!!!
Sister Knell

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17th Letter!

Hello Family and Friends!!
This past week has been an interesting one!  My companion and I are still learning the area which makes for lots of going around in circles and getting lost... and wasting 20 miles! maybe even close to 40... ha. sad sad day!  We will be biking lots by the end of this month!!  Oh joy! (;
Well we started off this week by almost dying like I mentioned last Monday from that crazy rain storm!  And we were an hour late to our dinner appt. :s but the dinner was yummy and a cute kids thing.  Its Spaghetti Tacos from the show iCARLY.  It's spaghetti in taco shells.. haha simple and her kids love it!  Sister Reid and I loved it (: We are kids a heart big time!

Sister Reid and I get a long so well!!!  I love her!!  we actually made up a song!  She loves to sing and so now I sing like all the time.  She has a beautiful voice!  I'll try to attach the video! (:  It's from the song off of Pitch Perfect during her audition with the cup. (:  We wrote it one night when we felt music deprived. haha.
Also, I am turning into Marissa and I LOVE fruit snacks!!!  Luckily Sister Reid loves them too!! haha We bough two HUGE boxes and last week ate the one whole box and half the other!!  So bad!! haha.
Tuesday we taught a new investigator.  His name is Ben.  He has a cute little boy named Tyler who is 4 yrs old.  It was a really good lesson.  The spirit was so strong and I could feel it leading the lesson.  This past week we've been focusing on teaching people, not lessons.  In that lesson I could really feel the spirit helping us teach to Ben's needs.  We are hopeful that he will continue to progress.  We had a Sister in our ward come with us and she said afterwards that she had never been to a lesson where she could feel the spirit that strong and the investigator so interested too.  She's a ward missionary in our ward, she use to go out with the ther sisters before us.  It made Sister Reid and I feel like we were doing something right. (:
On Wednesdays we teach a Missionary Prep class with the elders in our area.  Last week we only had one come but this past week we had three there!!  YAY!! (: ha

The ward here is great! We love them!!  They are always so willing to help us out whenever we need it! (:  I am so grateful for their love and support!
OH! and Sunday we had another new investigator at church!!  Her name is Nautykah!  She is 15 yrs old!!  She is the funniest, sweetest and my favoritest girl ever!!!  She has a baptismal ate of July 6th!! Woot woot!!!  (: hehehe  I am excited for her!!!  But there is still a lot that we need to teach her and help her understand a little bit more (:
We taught in Relief Society Sunday.  It was good!  But really last minute so we felt funny the whole time.. ha.
I got my bike tire fixed!!!  YAYY!!!!!!!!
I heard Louisa is going to Colorado!!!!  YAY!!!!!  SOO PROUD OF HER!!!!!!  She is going to be a great missionary!!
Dee asked, "How's the new area? Is being a trainer cool?"
The new area is beautiful and green!!  But not country at all like Statesville was.  I miss the country!  It's harder to bike because the roads are small and crazy busy!!!  But I love being close to Target and lots of other stores!! haha.  It makes me so happy!!  OH!! and today we have a zone activity!!  We get to go to the Charlotte Speedway!!  I'm WAY excited!!!  I'll send pictures next week!! (: We aren't right next to the main downtown of Charlotte but we are close!  We got lost and ended kinda by it the other day and took some pictures! hahaha.  There are a lot bugs here!!!  Surprisingly.  We HATE them!!! haha Sister Reid and I are big babies when it come to bugs!!  But that is because they are not normal bugs here!!  They are like nasty icky kind!!! haha. 
Being a trainer is a lot of fun!!  I love it!!!  Sister Reid is a great trainee so that makes it a lot better!!  We have fun everyday!! (:  She is hilarious!!   Its stressful though!!  Because I want to make sure I am teaching her all that I know and all that she needs to know too.  But she makes it very easy and fun!  (:  I am grateful for the calling!  She has taught me so much too!!
Well I am running out of time!! I love you all so much!!! and am grateful for all the wonderful examples I have had to look up to!! 
I invite you to all share your testimony to a friend that you know that may not be a member or who may be struggling with their testimony.  That is what we are challenging all of our ward families when we eat dinner at their house.  We leave them with a member missionary bag.  It has different types of church media in it and we invite them to give it away and we follow up in two weeks.  Its been great!!
I love yall!!
Sister Knell