Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26th Letter - denise & e.r. fun again.. (:

hi y'all!! (:
This week has been pretty crazy!!  But very rewarding (:
We got to see denise get baptized saturday & confirmed sunday (: which was a beautiful service!  She was glowing!!!!  Once she cam out of the water she was smiling ear to ear!!  She said, she had no more desires to smoke or drink her coffee.  She was very excited about that!!  She is amazing!!  I am so excited for her!!!  I have been working with her for 5 months!!  So this is a miracle!!!  I am so blessed to have worked with her (:
After her baptism on Saturday she wanted us to go to a Speaker Meeting at her AA group.  It was really neat to see how AA works and how it helped her come closer to God and then thats when we knocked on her door.  I know that God had been preparing her to from the start and its so neat to see her from the very beginning to now, she has changed completely!  and is ready and willing to make every change possible to be closer to Christ!  (:  She even started talking about wanting to serve a mission once her health gets better (:  She is amazing!!!
So Sunday evening I had a really bad allergic reaction to something and couldn't breathe.  My throat started closing up and my chest was getting heavier and heavier.  So a member we were with rushed us to the the hospital.  8 hours later we got home around 4:30AM and slept in the next day until 1 in the afternoon.. Its been a crazy weekend!  But I am grateful for the Priesthood and blessings (:
out of time!! 
here are some pictures (:  loves!!!
denise & us & her uncle who is a member in another ward

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th Letter - Out of Time

So we found out as a mission the other day at a mission conference, no more videos or pictures from the iPads.. Sadly.. ): so we can't use the camera or save the pictures.  The iPads are for the investigators not us..which is kind of a DUH moment! Haha. But it'll be great to help us all stay more purpose driven!  I'm grateful for these rules & guidelines! (: here are some of my last pictures then I have to delete them!!  ENJOY!

My whole zone.. Bahaha can you find me?


Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th Letter - May 24th(:

Hello y'all!!  I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day (:

This week was seriously the best week!!  Week of Miracles!!  We had a great week with our lovely Peruvian family Lily(member), Antonio, Valery, Max & Janilla.   They all have accepted baptismal dates for May 24th!!  They are very excited! & we are too!! :D. It took awhile to work with Valery but she came to a ward picnic on Saturday and she opened up a lot to us.  (: we are feeling so blessed!!
It was a wonderful week of miracles!  We had the best lesson with Denise!  We read 2Nephi 31 and talked a lot about baptism & what was holding her back.  Sister Snow came with us a bore strong testimony about baptism & the Holy Ghost.  The spirit was so strong!!  Denise committed to May 24th!  I am so very grateful, I have been working with Denise since January, I know the gospel will continue to bless her!  

Out of time!!  

Love you all!  So grateful to have seen many of your beautiful faces!!😊. Xoxo 
Sister Knell

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th - A delayed note with a Facebook Post by Sister Knell

My darling Grandma Knell,

I love you. (: Your one of the most amazing ladies I have ever known. You have taught me so very much throughout my life. I am grateful to have known you. You were one of my best friends. I will miss our talks, your hugs, kisses, birthday calls, Halloween songs, smiles, rhymes, laugh, and beautiful glow. I am sad I have to let you go. But I am grateful to know that you have been reunited with Grandpa Knell. Now I know I have another angel watching over me and will help with hastening the work. You were the most amazing missionary bringing 10 faithful & righteous children in the covenant. I know families are forever. God be with you until we meet again. Xo

Yours truly,
Sister Rebecca Jane Knell

June 29, 1932-May 6, 2014 #ItwasMom
— with Jewell Knell.