Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27th Letter - - Out of Time Sorry!

This week was amazing!!!  So many miracles!!

But I am out of time!  :S

We had exchanges this week!  I love exchanges!  We have amazing Sister Training Leaders!  I love them!  We invited 4 of our investigators to be baptized on exchanges and they all said YES!!  It was amazing!  Miracles continue to happen!

February 22nd

March 1st

So excited!  They haven't all been to church yet though..  So hopefully they come!  Dorinda has to work on Sundays and Antwon will only come if she comes.  Faith's sons have been very sick ): so she hasn't been able to come either.  But we are so excited that they committed!!  It's been a great week!  (:

MARIA GOT BAPTIZED!!  On Saturday!  It was amazing!  She asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost.  So I did.. And I cried through the whole thing!  It was very emotional!  I love Maria!  She is my favorite(:  Sister Burrows and a few other missionaries sang a beautiful musical number!  It was amazing!!!!  And yesterday she was just glowing!!!  I love this gospel so much!!  (:

I love you all!!


Sister Knell
Ps pictures!  Sister Stewart and I on exchanges!  And Maria's baptism! (:

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th Letter - Miracles do happen!

Look how long my hair is getting! Hehe xo
Have a good week!!
Hello lovelies!! (: This week was just BEAUTIFUL!! :D another favorite for many different reasons! I know these new ward boundary changes are inspired. So so very grateful(: We had a lot of service this week! Which a lot of fun! We got to help paint Denise's house with the Weddington elders and the new elders in our area. We found a new investigator!! So excited! She is very sweet! Denise's uncle is a fairly new member and Denise has seen how the church has blessed his life and has seen a lot of service through the elders that she's interested in learning more too! She's had a rough past and feels guilty and ashamed from it and is scared people will judge her. But we were able to bear testimony to her that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ she can and will be forgiven. We also shared with her "Good Things to Come" video off of our iPads(I am loving these things!). Elder Holland is amazing! She loved it! If all y'all haven't seen it yet, I invite you to watch it via Mormon Messages (: she was suppose to come to church Sunday but got sick ): next week though! (: Guess what!! We had two GREAT lessons with Barry last week and one yesterday! He came to church on Sunday and loved it!! So happy and excited for him! Yesterday when we went to see him he was so excited to show off his new tablet he bought (because he wanted to be "cool" like Sister Burrows and I) and how he put the Book of Mormon on it!! It was the best! He's starting to understand the Book of Mormon! This is what he got yesterday, "that if I don't do my part, I will be cut I understand why church is so important" from reading (1Nephi 2:16,20-21). He also, shared some neat analogies with fire and embers from the fire. He related it to church and a congregation-when someone thinks they are "living" or are "faithful" to the gospel they think they do not need to go to church. But that ember can't survive without the complete fire. I really liked it! Ha(: so he'll be coming to church again! Hehe! Yay! We found another new investigator! Her name is Faith. She is from Kenya. She has he cutest little boys! The old elders we served with before the split found her and her husband but never were able to reach them. We found them in our potentials list and they kept sticking out to us!! Now we have a new investigator! Follow those promptings(: Many other great things happened! But I'm running out of time.. And I need to share this!! Well we had a miracle here in Charlotte! One of our investigators, Maria had a baptismal date of January 25th. He husband is a member recently starting to come back to church. How we found her is a miracle in its self! Anywho.. So she is pregnant and has been very sick this past week and so we haven't been able to teach her so we tried via Facebook but she's deleting her Facebook so that didn't work either and she was starting to feel rushed.. And we didn't want that so we all decided we'd sit down and talk about a new date. Also, she drinks sweet tea and coffee and we hadn't been able to teach the word of wisdom so we were thinking we'd have to move the date to February 1st or even the 8th to have two weeks of living the word of wisdom. But secretly I've been praying daily that she won't have a desire to drink any tea or coffee, praying for a miracle. Because I was being selfish and wanted to be able to see her get baptized (transfers are coming up and I've been transferred every two transfers since I've been on my mission and I'm worried I might get transferred). So Sunday we had dinner and a lesson with her and Brother Harwell & WOW.... It was amazing!! The spirit was so strong!! We started out going over the baptismal interview questions to see how much she knew and what else we needed to cover. There were only two things that she was a little confused about and one was the Word of Wisdom and to make a longer story even shorter, she hasn't touched it since she's been having all of this morning sickness!! The thought of it makes her sick!! Sister Burrows and I we over the moon excited! Just to see a prayer answered like that(: but we didn't say anything about the date because we didn't want to rush her. But as we were teaching the restoration more in depth and we watched the Restoration DVD. The spirit was so strong in their home. Brother Harwell was very emotional. Sister Burrows and I shared our testimonies of how we have each personally come to know that the church is true and also how we had seen such a dramatic change in her own family. Then Brother Harwell bore his testimony.. That is where everything changed.. And after him she bore her own testimony and then Brother Harwell said, "so Maria, what are you doing this Saturday?" And she was like, "well, the sisters said we changed the date!" Brother Harwell, "No, they didn't. You did.." Maria, "oh..could we really do it this Saturday?!" Sister Burrows and I, "YES!!(:" It was amazing! Especially because we didn't say anything really... It was all the spirit speaking! Well, and a little of Brother Harwell.. Haha. He's his own little{more like huge} spirit. It was beautiful!! She she will be getting baptized this Saturday!! She just has her baptismal interview with President Craven and we have few more things to go over then she'll be ready!! Our Christmas miracle is complete! (; best thing ever!! I cannot express I grateful and excited I am for this Saturday!!! Brother Harwell is over the moon excited! Sunday night when they gave us a rude home he was calling everyone to invite them! Ha. Maria was just so sick from her pregnancy that she just let him take over.. Haha it was great!! So excited for them! Then they will be able to get sealed in the temple in a year.. And Brother Harwell's vision of her in white will come true.. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on the earth! I know that we can be with our families forever! How grateful I am that I get to be part of this amazing gospel bringing people the same happiness and joy that we get everyday! Cherish every moment!! I love you all so so much!!

Xo Love, Sister Knell Xoxo

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14th Letter - The weather is a bit confused here..

Hi all y'all :D How is everyone doing?? I hope amazing!(: Well, as some of you may have noticed last week my email was cut short. For some reason everything I wrote after the picture got cut off.. Which was very sad! That's where I shared all the good stuff! Ha (; So one of our investigators, Maria has a baptismal date!! Yay!! So happy and excited for her! It's January 25th. We had a great FHE with her whole family. The boys were very interactive! It was great!! One of her boys said the closing prayers! Maria was crying because she was so happy seeing her boys be involved! I am so excited for them! But she has been sick because she is pregnant and so sadly we haven't met with her recently. We we're suppose to see her and the family again for dinner and FHE tonight but she had to cancel. So hopefully we get everything in by the 25th! Because Brother Harwell( her husband) doesn't want to move the date because he says he has work.. Ha. (I think it's because he just really wants her to be baptized. He is so happy and excited for her. I love it!! They are the best! Oh! Dad, tell Bryan Bell that I gave Maria the Book of Mormon that had is testimony in it. She loved it!(: This week was one of our best weeks yet!! It was amazing!! The Lord makes things happen when you least expect it! I have felt very blessed this week. (: So last week we had the announcement of the ward boundary changes and Sunday was the first week with the new ward. It was so different! But amazing how the spirit is still the same. The leadership and organization is all done by the spirit of revelation. It was very neat to be apart of it! So we are now with a new set of missionaries and pretty much a whole new ward. Almost all of our ward is in two different wards. All the people that lived in Fort Mill, SC are in the Fort Mill ward (which makes sense) and then the rest are in a new ward. We have maybe 10 to 20 families stay with us and 60 to 80 go to the other wards. It was a bitter sweet! But we got to keep our two investigators Maggie and Maria! (: happy happy day! And we got Sister Gunson in our ward! Sister Burrows and I were so excited!! I feel like we are opening an area again. Haha(: but I am excited! The weather has been crazy freezing!! We didn't have the car til Wednesday and Sister Burrows' bike broke.. So we walked EVERYWHERE!! It was SOOOO cold!! But we saw miracles from it! (: so grateful!! We had dinners with all of our old ward members throughout the week as our last goodbyes! It was great! I'm glad we got to say goodbye to some people! I guess the hardest part of the split is that the wards that the other members are going to are in a different building so we really won't see them.. But guess what! I made a calzone!! Haha. I am so excited because it was so good and easy!! We made them with a member because she didn't know what to make me with all my allergies. All y'all would be proud of me, I don't eat like ANY dairy!!! I am so good! And no almonds or potatoes. (: I feel so good! Which has helped me stay healthy! Only time iam sick is due to the weather or others germs :s I am always washing my hands! Flu season, bleh! Guess what! The west sisters had a former investigator that had been sticking out to them a lot lately but he was now out of their area and now in ours. So we decided to go visit him with a member Saturday. And.... We got a new investigator!! :D And in the notes it said the only hold back and reason they stopped visiting with him was because of the word of wisdom and for him it's just tea and coffee and guess what again!! When we stopped by we taught the Word of Wisdom and committed him to live it and he said YES!!!! It was amazing! I think he just needed to understand what prophets were and then how Joseph Smith was told through revelation that those things were bad for the body and that is how the word of wisdom came about. We were so excited! He now a new investigator! And we will be seeing him tomorrow night! (: his name is Barry. He is a very nice man. In his 50s and works like crazy! In the notes it says it was hard to contact him because of his schedule. So hopefully we'll be able to see him often! Haha.. Saturday was a CRAZY rainy day! I'll share a video of the rainstorm. It was bad! And Saturdays are now car fast days for the whole mission... So we had to stay inside a lot of the day due to the weather.. But.. It's been a great week!! So many miracles!! I wish I could share them all! I love you all es es es mucho(; Continue to love everyone and share the gospel!! (: Love, Sister Knell Xo Ps I hope this email all shows up this time(: ha

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6th Letter - Too Cold!

It is WAY TOOO COLD!! I love y'all es mucho!! (; Please stay warm while I freeze!!
(...And that's all she wrote!)