Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct 14th Letter - Fall is in the air! And LOTS of RAIN!!! ;)

Hi y'all!!
Out of time! But a quick list of highlights!

Monday- Did our laundry at one of my favorite members homes ;) (I know I can't really have favorites..)  It was so fun!!  and relaxing!!  She served in the North Carolina Charlotte mission too!!  Which was fun to talk about all the places shes been and where she served and how it is all changed!  She showed us pictures and everything!  so fun!!
Ha.. and Monday night was an interesting night... we lost our phone in one of our investigators cars.. ahaha and long story short didn't get home til 10:45pm.. and bed almost midnight.. ahaha crazy adventure!!

Tuesday- Got Dee's package!! yay!!!  Made my day!!! (:  Thank you Dee!  Provo bakery cookies!  The BESTEST!!
We had an amazing experience with one of our investigators Debra!  We taught her the stop smoking lesson and there is a part where she has to crush the box of cigarettes by the count of three and when we got to 2 she had already crushed them!!  She was so excited!!  haha It made me so excited!!  She is doing great!!!  (:  she came to one of the primary children's baptisms and really enjoyed it!  But said she had a lot of questions!!  So we will be visiting with her today!  and she has continued to not smoke!!  Which is huge!!  (: so happy!!!! 

Wednesday- Was a very slow day..

Thursday-Zone Conference!!!  So AMAZING!!  I love President and Sister Craven!!!  We also have a Mission Conference coming up this weekend and there will be two from the seventy!  EXCITING!

Friday- Service with our lovely sister Reyes!  And there was rat poop everywhere and we didn't have masks or anything.. --long showers afterwards,,, haha..
There was a huge bonfire that night at a members home!!  SO FUN!!!  Jen our investigator came!!  It was great!

Saturday-Got a package from sister Andersen!!  Thank you!!  Such a great surprise!!!  (:  Tell her thank you please!!! 

Sunday-Biked to the church in the rain... to PEC.. soaked!!! hahaha

Getting a cold... eek!!

Today played disc golf!!!  SO fun!!

love y'all!!!!


Sister Knell

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sept 30th Letter - Lots of Little Things

Hello y'all!!

Okay so sorry about last week!!!  

Highlights of this week:

Mon: We had a zone activity which was lots of fun!!  But wasted 95 miles getting there and back :S but the zone leaders said they'd take care of it, thankfully!!

Tue: We had an amazing meeting with the primary presidency on our ward.  I love being able to see how things work in the church--behind the scenes ;) A lot of work really goes into EVERY little change, activity or idea.  I love it!  
We had lunch with a recent convert named Federica.  The elders baptized her a few weeks ago.  It was a lot of fun!  She is a sweetie!!  You can just see the light beaming off of her!!  It is truly amazing how this gospel blesses peoples lives!
Then we had more service at our ward members Garden shop, which I LOVE!!!  We made a pumpkin display!!  Lots of fun!  (:

Wed: We had district meeting and lunch.  It was amazing!!  I was able to bear my testimony about priesthood blessings and how they are truly inspired by our loving Heavenly Father!  We all said goodbye to elder Bench--he goes back home wednesday.  He's our district leader.  Crazy!!  It's been reminding me of when Josh and Ben cam home.  Weird to see it on the other end now! ha
Then that night we had a fun canning service with the ward.  I'm lots about stuff out here!! Gardening, canning, maybe I'll be good at food storage when I go home! ;)

Thurs: Sister Blaney has been teaching me how to play the piano!  SO fun!!  But hard and a little frustrating.. hahaa  but I love it! 
We had a lesson on facebook!!  YAY!  with a man we met one day as we were finding.  So hopefully something will come from it!  (:  

Friday was a really great bust day!!  We met lots of people!  We had lunch at O'Kelly's, oh my goodness!! SOOO GOOD!!!  We need one in Utah!! haha
We had a really great lesson with Debra one of our investigators!  She is growing so much!!  But didn't come to church or the RS broadcast.. which was sad :( but hopefully next time!  We had dinner with my favorites! haha the Holtry family!  I have a really funny story about us and sister Holtry.. that I didn't share last week but out of time.  It includes her car, rainy night and a tree in the middle of the road.. haha a very fun adventure that night!! haha

Sat: The ward had a pancake breakfast for a sweet little girl who has a tumor on her brain and she is going into surgery this next coming week.  The ward here is amazing to each other, I love see them help each other!  They are great!
The RS broadcast was so much fun!!!!!!!  We had a dinner before and activities.  The activities were my favorite!  we were able to really get to know each other and there were lots of laughs!!  It reminded me of get togethers with the Knell clan!  i loved it!  (:  We had an investigator come to the broadcast!!  YAY!!  and the dinner!!  We see here tonight, so I'll let you know what she thought!  Hopefully she liked it!! she is a very strong southern baptist..
We had transfer calls and Sister Blaney and I are staying!!  yay!!  As you know Elder Bench is leaving--so weird! Oh and we are now in a car share.. not excited... hahaha 
More biking!!  Wish me luck ;)

Sun: no investigators at church :( but hopefully next week at G.C. :D
Sunday was a great day!!  Haha out of time!

I love y'all es mucho!!! 


Sister Knell