Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct 14th Letter - Fall is in the air! And LOTS of RAIN!!! ;)

Hi y'all!!
Out of time! But a quick list of highlights!

Monday- Did our laundry at one of my favorite members homes ;) (I know I can't really have favorites..)  It was so fun!!  and relaxing!!  She served in the North Carolina Charlotte mission too!!  Which was fun to talk about all the places shes been and where she served and how it is all changed!  She showed us pictures and everything!  so fun!!
Ha.. and Monday night was an interesting night... we lost our phone in one of our investigators cars.. ahaha and long story short didn't get home til 10:45pm.. and bed almost midnight.. ahaha crazy adventure!!

Tuesday- Got Dee's package!! yay!!!  Made my day!!! (:  Thank you Dee!  Provo bakery cookies!  The BESTEST!!
We had an amazing experience with one of our investigators Debra!  We taught her the stop smoking lesson and there is a part where she has to crush the box of cigarettes by the count of three and when we got to 2 she had already crushed them!!  She was so excited!!  haha It made me so excited!!  She is doing great!!!  (:  she came to one of the primary children's baptisms and really enjoyed it!  But said she had a lot of questions!!  So we will be visiting with her today!  and she has continued to not smoke!!  Which is huge!!  (: so happy!!!! 

Wednesday- Was a very slow day..

Thursday-Zone Conference!!!  So AMAZING!!  I love President and Sister Craven!!!  We also have a Mission Conference coming up this weekend and there will be two from the seventy!  EXCITING!

Friday- Service with our lovely sister Reyes!  And there was rat poop everywhere and we didn't have masks or anything.. --long showers afterwards,,, haha..
There was a huge bonfire that night at a members home!!  SO FUN!!!  Jen our investigator came!!  It was great!

Saturday-Got a package from sister Andersen!!  Thank you!!  Such a great surprise!!!  (:  Tell her thank you please!!! 

Sunday-Biked to the church in the rain... to PEC.. soaked!!! hahaha

Getting a cold... eek!!

Today played disc golf!!!  SO fun!!

love y'all!!!!


Sister Knell

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