Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th Letter - Beautiful day in the Carolinas(: & Sister Knell Has Been Out A Year!

Hello Family!

This has been a wonderful week!!

It started out a little off..  I was feeling really funny and I felt like I needed a blessing.  So the next day the elders gave me a blessing.  It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.  While elder Romero was saying the blessing I felt like two more sets of hands were added to my head..  The spirit was so strong.  I felt so much comfort and peace.  I know it was my two grandpas assisting on the other side.  I was overcome with the spirit.  The veil is very thin and I am so grateful that I got to feel their love.

The weather this week has been so nice!  Blue skies and sun shining!

The baptism was AMAZING!!!  So many people showed up and I think that really touched Barry!  His eyes were really watery!  The spirit was so strong!  Sisters Miller, Lambert, Burrows and I sang "Be Still My Soul" while Barry was changing.  I don't think I did very well.. ha but the other sisters have AMAZING voices!  It was fun though (:  Maria and her family came and she was crying!  She is AMAZING the best convert ever!! haha (; but I love her and her family!  They are our second parents we've decided (: hah and Sister Gunson!  I love her!!  So many great people here!  I never want to leave!  The ward is amazing!!!  (:
Yesterday Barry was like, "I've been adopted into the family! =D"  HUGE SMILE!  It was so great!!  A family in the ward had him over for dinner and he had a great time!!  BEST DAY EVER!

Out of time!  I love you all oh so much!


Sister Knell xo

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th Letter - Outta Time!


So super duper busy day!!  No time!
But it was very snowy this week!  We didn't get to do much!  The city like shut down!  Literally!  It was so funny to me to see everyone freak out because of the snow storms!  Nothing like home(: these little southerns are not prepared for it.. Ha. But I loved it!  It is now melting away!  Which is good!  Because it is hard to work in the snow I've decided!  I like the warmth!  I will miss that when I go back home.
Barry is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday!  Yay!  Very excited for him!  He has grown so much!  It has been amazing watching him grow!  (:  I love the gospel so much!  It is great getting to be apart of it!(:  

I love you all!

Xoxoxo xox

Sister Knell

She sent a video too! *Spoiler Alert* Its of her snowy back porch view. ;)


Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10th Letter - All the snow is gone..

How are all y'all doing?!  I hope just lovely! (:
This week was pretty slow..  Sister Burrows was sick.. Luckily not as bad as I was!  But enough to stay in though..  Now I know how she felt.. hahaha(; But I did a lot of studying while she slept and actually it wasn't bad!  I loved it!!  It is so nice to take the time to sit and really ponder PMG and the scriptures.  I also, looked at some of my old notes I had taken from the beginning of my mission to now.  It was neat to see the growth.  I invite us all to keep a study journal as we read the scriptures!  It has helped my testimony grow!
Barry still is on for the 22nd of February!  YAY!!  super excited for him(:  He is progressing so well!!  The ward has been great at fellowship for him!   
Yesterday was an amazing Sunday service!!  All three hours were beautiful!  I love the gospel!  I love family wards too!!  I don't know if I am excited to go back home to a singles ward.. haha!
We got two new elders in our area.  They are white washing it from the last elders..  One is straight from the MTC and the other has been out for 18 months.  They are great!  Sister Burrows and I are excited to work with them.  The Harwells didn't really like the other elders in our ward.. and they met the new ones and they said the spirit hit them that maybe these elders can help Maria's two sons to be interested.  It was a bitter sweet moment.. haha  But when they told us.  Sister Burrows and I could feel it too!  Which is exciting!  Because they can really become an eternal family(:  We will always be their girls(; hahaha.  I know I am being dramatic.  But they are my favorites (:
OH!  Our mission is doing something really neat!  I want to share it with you and invite you to join us too!!  I'll attach the document!
I am out of time..  But read it!!  I know that it can help us all draw closer to our Savior!  It starts next week!
I love you all!!  (:
Sister Knell

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3rd Letter - Sick week...


Well this week I was sick!  ALL WEEK LONG!!  So it was a very slow week..

It snowed!!!  A whole 2 inches!!  And the schools were closed for three days!  So crazy!

We had dinner with Maria and her family this week!  She is doing great!!  I am so happy for her!!  She is just glowing!!(:

We had a mission home fireside last night and our investigator Barry came!  It was great!! 

And I am out of time..  Haha..  So sorry!!  Love y'all!!

Sister Knell
Sick days and snow!