Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th Letter - Outta Time!


So super duper busy day!!  No time!
But it was very snowy this week!  We didn't get to do much!  The city like shut down!  Literally!  It was so funny to me to see everyone freak out because of the snow storms!  Nothing like home(: these little southerns are not prepared for it.. Ha. But I loved it!  It is now melting away!  Which is good!  Because it is hard to work in the snow I've decided!  I like the warmth!  I will miss that when I go back home.
Barry is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday!  Yay!  Very excited for him!  He has grown so much!  It has been amazing watching him grow!  (:  I love the gospel so much!  It is great getting to be apart of it!(:  

I love you all!

Xoxoxo xox

Sister Knell

She sent a video too! *Spoiler Alert* Its of her snowy back porch view. ;)


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