Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th Letter - Beautiful day in the Carolinas(: & Sister Knell Has Been Out A Year!

Hello Family!

This has been a wonderful week!!

It started out a little off..  I was feeling really funny and I felt like I needed a blessing.  So the next day the elders gave me a blessing.  It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.  While elder Romero was saying the blessing I felt like two more sets of hands were added to my head..  The spirit was so strong.  I felt so much comfort and peace.  I know it was my two grandpas assisting on the other side.  I was overcome with the spirit.  The veil is very thin and I am so grateful that I got to feel their love.

The weather this week has been so nice!  Blue skies and sun shining!

The baptism was AMAZING!!!  So many people showed up and I think that really touched Barry!  His eyes were really watery!  The spirit was so strong!  Sisters Miller, Lambert, Burrows and I sang "Be Still My Soul" while Barry was changing.  I don't think I did very well.. ha but the other sisters have AMAZING voices!  It was fun though (:  Maria and her family came and she was crying!  She is AMAZING the best convert ever!! haha (; but I love her and her family!  They are our second parents we've decided (: hah and Sister Gunson!  I love her!!  So many great people here!  I never want to leave!  The ward is amazing!!!  (:
Yesterday Barry was like, "I've been adopted into the family! =D"  HUGE SMILE!  It was so great!!  A family in the ward had him over for dinner and he had a great time!!  BEST DAY EVER!

Out of time!  I love you all oh so much!


Sister Knell xo

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