Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd Letter - I've always hated roller coasters..

So sorry to give y'all a scare this last week..

{Cassie insert - my mom received a phone call from Sister Knell informing her that she had terrible stomach area pains and was being treated in the hospital for them. We are still not sure what happened...but she did receive a blessing before being admitted sooo...!!!) ;) }

This week was SO super slow!  As you'd imagine..
I'm starting to feel a little better today!  Thank goodness!(:
I don't really know what to say..
I am very grateful for the Harwell family!  They took me in under their wings and saved me this week!  I just want to be healthy and strong!!
Well I love all y'all! 
Remember to read your scriptures!!  You will see so many blessings from it!
Mom told me to baptize the whole wing (: so I kept my tag on to represent (;

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