Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31st Letter - Rainy weather = guitar lessons and banana frosting chocolate cupcakes (;

This week was very cold and rainy!!  But still lovely!!
We found a new investigator!  His name is Caston!  He was a potential and we are very hopeful and excited to work with him!  We will see him again tomorrow.  He is a railroad worker and lives with his mother, who I guess met the missionaries too but she wasn't there so hopefully we will get to meet her too!  He was very friendly and interested!  YAY!  We have been trying to build our teaching pool all week!  So that was great to meet him!
We also met another potential named Barbara.  She is from England and is in her 70s.  Sweetest lady!  One of the first things she asked us was, "Is your primary object is to convert me?!"-in an English accent.. haha so great!  She is Episcopalians and said she doesn't ever see herself changing.  She also said she doesn't go to a church right now and may be interested to stop by ours(:  We sure hope so!!  She didn't come Sunday but maybe she will in the future weeks(: 
Then we got soaked from some crazy rain.. haha that was fun(:  But the Hubbard family saved us!!  (:  And had us over for dinner to celebrate their son Isaiah's birthday!  It was great fun!  Brother Hubbard has been teaching me how to play the guitar with a few strings here and there.  I think I'll buy a guitar when I get home and take lessons.  It is a lot of fun!!(:  I love it!!
The Women's Conference was AMAZING!!  The spirit was very strong.  We had a former investigator Maggie come with us.  She enjoyed it very much.  I was crying during the whole thing.  It touched my heart so much.  Especially the sweet video of all the sacred covenants that we make throughout our lives and the many blessings we receive.
I also felt the spirit so strongly as the sweet 8 year olds stood up and started singing.  It was precious to be in the chapel and see the young ladies stand and sing.  I started to cry then too..  WOW!  I have become a very emotional mess since being on a mission :/ haha
It was a great week!!
How was your study on Patience?  I felt like this week was never going to end (; hehehe  but I learned much and enjoyed every minute!  Don't forget to study Humility this week (:
I love you all es mucho!!
Sister Knell
A new love-Japanese food
flowers are blooming(:

Rainy days and rainbows!
Karla(Brother Delgado's daughter) and I are twins (:
Sunny days(:


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