Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24th Letter - Out of time again.. Sorry!!

Hi y'all 

I am feeling a lot better this week!  I went to the doctor last week to a member and he is amazing!  His daughter actually just got home from her mission-she served in Texas.  He ordered an X-ray to check if it were pneumonia. Well the results came back and I don't have pneumonia.  Whatever medicine he gave me really helped!  I still have a few more days with it and then I should be in the clear!!  Yay!  It makes me really sleepy!  But I'd rather be sleepy than sick!

My new companion is Sister Hong, she is from Maui, HI.  She reminds me a little of Alyson Burgi.  She very sweet!  And ready to work!! Sister Hong is half Korean and half Hawaiian and has lived on the island her whole life.  Which for some reason is sooo crazy to me.. I don't know why..  Hahaha.  She's been out 4 1/2 months and has so many great insights!  I'm really excited!  Especially because I am feeling better.  And. Denise came to church yesterday!!  Great things are going to happen this transfer!!  I can just feel it!!(:

How is your Christlike study going?

Thank you for your prayers!!

I love you all!!


Sister Knell 

Sister Hong and I super tired on Tuesday night.. Ha(:

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