Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th Letter - Biking pro (;

Hello hello!!

Short on time!

Lots of little things happened this week.  Mostly a lot of finding!
Either new investigators or less active members(:  haha. It's been fun
though.  I love meeting these people here in Winston-Salem  they are
so sweet and polite! It's very welcoming(:  I wouldn't mind staying
here another transfer and to finish strong here(:

Santa came to church again and loved it!!  She is amazing(: I love her
and feel so grateful to work with her!  Her sister Elina is slowly
progressing.  She said she thinks she'll be ready for baptism in
August--which is super exciting!!(:  I love working with families. (:

The weather has been beautiful here!  Here is a picture of a beautiful
day and a members house/sign that be decided not to knock on. Haha(:
welcome to the south!

Love you all!


Sister Knell

Ps.  Biking pro because sister Blackham and I got biking every
morning!  We are trying to stay fit(:

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7th Letter - out of time.

hello darlings!

so last week i did not have anytime to write and this week is similar.. ha(: sorry!

last week we were so blessed to see Sarah get baptized!!  She is amazing (: i love her!  when we were teaching her a lesson right before her baptism i saw her phone had a picture of Jesus getting baptized as her background.  she is so great!  she said, she wanted to think about it all week so she made him her background to remind her to stay focus and so Satan wouldn't detract her. I love her!!

how was y'alls 4th of July?  mine? lame.. haha i've decided holidays are no big deal on the mission. almost all our appointments cancelled on us. ha (: but it was still a great day!

we are working with these two wonderful sisters!  They are from Latvia.  Santa and Elina.  Santa came to church with us this sunday and loved it!!  she even stood and bore her testimony in relief society.  it was beautiful.  the spirit was so strong.  we had a few members come up to us and say, "wow, she is golden, good job sisters"  we just feel so blessed to have met her that one rainy day.  we have been working with her and her sister almost every day since then.  they both have dates for the 26th of this month.  we pray that everything will run smoothly for them.  they've been going through some family things recently but are still holding strong.  I love them!!

loves!! sorry so short!!

Sister Knell
pictures to come (:


Elina, Santa, and me

me in a cute diner we found
Me and Sister Blackham yesterday (:
Service and found a cute puppy(:

Sarah's baptism&phone