Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th Letter - Biking pro (;

Hello hello!!

Short on time!

Lots of little things happened this week.  Mostly a lot of finding!
Either new investigators or less active members(:  haha. It's been fun
though.  I love meeting these people here in Winston-Salem  they are
so sweet and polite! It's very welcoming(:  I wouldn't mind staying
here another transfer and to finish strong here(:

Santa came to church again and loved it!!  She is amazing(: I love her
and feel so grateful to work with her!  Her sister Elina is slowly
progressing.  She said she thinks she'll be ready for baptism in
August--which is super exciting!!(:  I love working with families. (:

The weather has been beautiful here!  Here is a picture of a beautiful
day and a members house/sign that be decided not to knock on. Haha(:
welcome to the south!

Love you all!


Sister Knell

Ps.  Biking pro because sister Blackham and I got biking every
morning!  We are trying to stay fit(:

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