Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7th Letter - The gospel gives us wings not weight

Hi y'all!

How was your conference weekend?  Mine was lovely!!(:  don't you just love having a living Prophet(: I do!! 

This week was a little crazy..  I really learned the attribute humility..  It was very emotional because I thought I was going home..  I pulled my back out on Monday last week.  But things are looking up.(:  It was seriously the worse pain ever!!  I felt and looked like uncle Abe and Cassie when they hurt their backs.  I couldn't walk at all.  Sister Hong was my cane during all of this.  She has seriously been an angel!  I am very grateful for her.  She has been my rock this past week!  I am finally able to stand up straight and walk all by myself!  It still is hurting but the chiropractor has been helping a lot.  Now I just have shooting pains all the way down my right leg-which has not been the best..  But it is okay(:  I am very happy and grateful I am getting better!  Slowly but surely(:  this week has also been very slow and emotional.  I honestly thought I was going home..  A bunch of missionaries where telling me horror stories about missionaries going home.  But I talked to President Craven a little about it and he said to work with the medical advisors and we will figure it all out.  The church only permits 5 visits and then after that if you are not getting better they may send you home.. So Wednesday will be my fifth visit..  Pray that I will get better please!  I do not want to come home!  In September, yes!  But not april(:  I don't know what will happen after that.  It has been getting better through the visits.  The chiropractor is from my ward and isn't charging me or the church insurance so he thinks this 5 limit rule for visits is a silly rule..  And I agree...  He said he'd treat me as many times as I want.  But I know I need to follow the rules and The Lord will bless me. 

The first miracle of the week happened when we were in the computer room in our office complex.  A woman came in & we started talking.  She told us her name was Martha and she, "used to be in the Mormon church" but is currently attending another church.  But as we kept talking she opened up & admitted she felt guilty because she believed in the Book of Mormon and she has a desire to come back!  Her daughter isn't baptized and she wants her to start coming to church with us too!  It was such a miracle, ESPECIALLY because she willingly opened up to us and shared her true feelings with us.  They live in our complex too!  Which is so nice!  We are so excited to work with her!!(:

Conference was amazing I loved sister Jean Stevens talk and Elder Scott's talk(: so lovely!   She reminded me to turn to The Lord and to know everything will be okay(:  her talk was an answer to my prayers. 

The other miracle happened last night!!  We have 2 new investigators, Mason & Leah. Mason is training to be a minister at a Presbyterian Church so he is very knowledgable about the Bible.  We were a little nervous at first but they're actually really nice.  Last night he talked a lot about the trinity and how that is where our beliefs differ.  But he is very curious about what we believe.  He said he has been taught about the "Mormon church" but knows you shouldn't judge according to what others teach that are not In that faith.  So him and Leah are interested in learning more.  He is very passionate about what he believes and so at times we were nervous he was about to start bashing.. Haha..  Then he'd stop and Leah was like, "calm down, you're getting too excited, you're scaring them." But it was actually a really great discussion.  He didn't believe we lived with God before this mortal life. And he kept asking random questions if Jesus Christ was divine or "all human".... But he was pretty pleasant.  We just don't want to bible bash.  Because we know that gets no where.  We feel that they have huge potential!!  They are both very sweet!(:

Sorry this is all over the place!  Running out of time!  But I wanted to share a funny story!  So I was talking to Sister Hong about the family and showing her the pictures that dad sent of Easter festivities and what nots and I said, "oh that's my brother-in-law, he is related to Hyrum Smith! (;" she was like-in a very sarcastic voice, "NO WAY!  His last name cook or something!?" Me, "actually YES!!  Why?!"  And super long story short-Sister Hong has been to the Cook's house in Highland!  She knows Joe's girlfriend!!  What a small world, huh? (:  I just loved that! 

Well I hope y'all have a great week!!  Remember what we all learned in Conference(: and that this weeks study is Diligence(;

I love you es mucho!!


Sister Knell

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