Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th Letter - best week ever(;

hello my darlings!!
i am out of time!  so this will be short and probably on the sloppy side.. i apologize..
this week one of the best weeks ever!!!  we had the best numbers and great lessons and just pure happiness!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!  (:
we had a lesson with our peruvian family tuesday and it was amazing!!  we had sister delgado come with us-which made it so much better.  we will have to have a spanish speaker come with us every time for now on.  antonio and janilla both accepted a baptismal date for may 18th!!! :D so excited for them!!  The other two children weren't in the lesson but hopefully they will be there tomorrow night in our lesson.  they have so much potential and how we foud them is just a miracle in itself!  we are so grateful!!
we didnt have the car this week and i am still not able to bike.. so we walked everywhere this week!  which was actually helpful with finding!!  We talked to everyone we saw and taught lessons!  The weather was amazing all week long!  I felt so blessed!!!  (:
the other day while we were walking we met three teenagers who were "evangiling."  tommy, will & natalia. natalia was obviously the leader.  it was fun to talk to them and see how passionate they are about their faith and sharing it.  their beliefs are very different from ours.  sister hong hurt her back the other day running on the treadmill (i know I'm like bad luck or something) and natalia asks if she can give sister hong a healing blessing.  it was very interesting.  she put her hand on sister hong's shoulder and starts saying this prayer and then after is so excited and is jumping up and down asking if sister hong was healed.. unfortunately sister hong wasn't.. but it was sweet that natalia had that faith.  we offerred them copies of the book of mormon but they declined.  natalia's dad is a preacher at their church and she invited us over to talk with him.. well politly declined (: but it was an interesting discussion. they were only 14 years old. so crazy!  But it was a fun experience (:
we had transfer calls!  and both sister hong and i are staying!!  yay!!  i love my providence ward!!(:  i think i'll probably finish here, i'm okay with that(: the people here are amazing!!!
I love all y'all!!!
Sister Knell

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