Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th Letter - I want to know my Savior, do you?

Hello darlings,
This week has been on the slow side due to meetings and my back and not having the car..  But we have continued to see little miracles here and there!  Which I am very grateful for (:
My back is lots better!!  Thank you for all the prayers!!  I have felt them!  I am recovering well(:  I have maxed out on my visits to the chiropractor.. but I'm feeling good about staying and my back so HAPPY DAY!!!  (:
We had another lesson with Mason & Leah.  We had Christina come with us-she did amazing!!  She is going to be a WONDERFUL Sister Missionary(:  Mexico will be lucky to have her.  The lesson was great!  The spirit was very strong!  But they are not ready yet.. ONE DAY THOUGH!!  I can feel it! (:  They have a lot of potential(:  I wish they were ready now.. they would be amazing members!
We visit with the sweetest lady every week.  Her name is Doris.  She cannot get to church very often due to her health/age but she has such a firm strong testimony of the gospel.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation last week and asked her what her thoughts were about it.  She shared an amazing testimony about how she wants to know the Savior.  She continued talking about how she wants to be able to recognize him when he comes-that has been her life goal.  As she was speaking I felt such peace.  Just the thought of really knowing who my Savior is.. His complete essense as he walks into a room.  She is a lady that knows her Savior and understands her purpose of this life.  She made me stop and think, "do I know the Savior that well?  Well enough to recoginze him if he came into a room?"  This thought has made me really think about, how am I building my relationship with my Savior?  Even as a missionary I can fall short of this sacred relationship and opportunity.  I want to build a firm testimony in Him!  I want to be able to know him that well!  I would love to invite all of us to really ponder on our own relationships with Jesus Christ.  Especially as we are getting closer to this beautiful Easter holiday.  He is our light and our life!  We are so blessed! (:
We had Zone Conference this week!  It was beautiful!!  We learned about the doctrine of the resurrection.  Wow!  The veil is a lot thinner than we think.  It is amazing!  We learned that our bodies house our spirits on this journey of mortality and we need to do all we can to take care of our bodies!!  If we do not have a strong healthy body, how are we going t have a strong healthy spirit?  We need to eat healthy, work out daily and treat our bodies as they are-temples of a loving Heavenly Father!  Another amazing blessing we are given!  It is amazing!(:
While studying diligence I learned that diligence is doing something carefully.  Which reminds me that we are all on this Earth trying to diligently follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.  But are we truly being careful?  I have a lot of changing I need to do (; 
I love my Savior, Jesus Christ with all my heart!
I love you all so much!
Have a lovely week! and a very HAPPY EASTER!!
Sister Knell 
ps typing fast, forgive my spellings and such (; xoxo

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