Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21st Letter - Easter festivities (:

Aloha y'all!!! (;
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday!!  Sister Hong and I had an amazing one!! (:
So many miracles!!  We had 3 investigators at church on Sunday!!!  Yay!!

The beginning of the week started off as a wet day for Sister Banks and I!!  Thank goodness for those rainboots mom sent me!  Lifesaver(;  We had exchanges with the Sharon Sisters.  Sister Hong worked it Sharon and I stayed here with Sister Banks.  It was a lot of fun because Sister Banks came out the same time as I did!  Time is flying by so fast!  

I love exchanges!  We taught Barry (one of our recent converts) with Dagmar (our partner in crime!!  She's been baptized for a year now!) tonight.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and went a little over temples.  They are both excited about the temple trip coming up & the single adult conference.   It was so neat to see the differences of a fairly RC and one that has been baptized a year.  Dagmar has such an amazing testimony!  I learn something from her every time she comes out with us!  Or even when we go and have a lesson with her.  I get excited to think that Barry will be like that in a year too!  The gospel truly blesses lives and changes people.  I love it(:

Have y'all seen the new Easter video Because of Him, that the church came out with?  We have been sharing it and bore testimony of Jesus Christ with everyone!!  It has been amazing!  We've also been visiting a lot of less active members and been sharing the video with them.  They all love it too!  I love the Easter season!  Something new we have been trying with all the less active members we've been asking them if we could "practice" teaching on them & they agree!!  It is great!  Because we know it will help them feel the spirit more and hopefully help their testimonies grow(: 

We have a miracle story!!  
Last week we got this email from our WML (ward mission leader):

Got a call from someone in the Weddington ward. They met a new family at the church tonight. The Wife is a member, everyone else non member. Three kids:

15 Valerie
10 max
8 janilla

Husband and wife are:
Antonio & Lilly

Lilly was baptized in Peru. Her baptizing Missionary lives in Boone, got in contact with her, told her where the church building is.
They know when church starts and should be there next week.

In the meantime, can you go check it out? Get more contact info from them? Let's get them plugged into the delgados or de la Torres?



The Weddington Ward does the greatest thing ever!(;  every 2nd Sunday of every month they have "Meet a Mormon Night" at the church.  It is a very casual event where members can invite their neighbors and friends to the church to get a tour of the building & a 10 minutes spiritual thought by the missionaries.  That is what Lily & Antonio went to & they loved it!!

So Sister Hong & I jumped right on it!  We had a great lesson with Lily (member) & her live in boyfriend, Antonio & their daughter, Janilla (8).  They have strong faith in Christ and a desire to come to church especially Janilla.  She kept looking through the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets.  She seemed so excited to come on Sunday.  Antonio said he wants to be baptized but we know that true conversion requires diligent work on his part as well.  Left them a book of Mormon and are returning on Tuesday!  They were super excited & grateful.  We are super excited to work with them!  There is somewhat of a language barrier there (mom you should of taught me Spanish growing up!! (;, but the spirit was working with them and we are hoping the Delgados can come to our next lesson(:  we love the Delgados!

Lily, Antonio, Max & Janilla came to church!!  Denise came too!!  It was a perfect Sunday for them all to come to!  The spirit was amazingly strong!!  We are very excited to work with them all!  Hopefully we will be able to set a date with Lily & her family on Tuesday(:  we've been praying for a family!(: feeling so blessed!!

Denise's nephew Michael got in an accident and has been in a coma so we haven't been able to see her all week!  But yesterday she asked who Lily and her family were and I said, "they are investigating the church like you." And she said, "no, I'm not like them.  I'm not investigating-I belong here!!" (:  it was so great!  So hopefully we can recommit her to a date soon too!  It was April 25th but she won't be able to make that sadly.  But we have hope for the future!! (:

Yesterday we had dinner with the Anderson family!(: I love them!  They have 5 girls and 1 son on a mission.  We taught the plan of salvation.  It was the deepest lesson in the plan of salvation I have ever had!  Those girls 12,15 & 16 have the deepest questions ever!  But it was a great learning experience!  Brother Anderson is very knowledgable on the doctrine so it was neat to learn more about the plan of salvation.  One of the girls asked, "do we have soul mates predestined in heaven?"  Ha. So a lot of fun questions like that and other deep ones about resurrection and such.  It was a great way to celebrate Easter I think(: ha!

I love you!!  Have a blessed week!


Sister Knell
P.s some pictures of this week(:

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