Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th Letter - Facebook & iPads

Hello family and friends!! (:
This past week has been pretty busy with lots of meetings!!  First off some of you may have noticed my facebook page has had some recent activity on it!!  Well Guess WHAT!  We are testing facebook for our mission! district is one out of seven other districts to be piloting the new mini iPADS!!! President Wade from Church Headquarters came to our District Meeting Thursday and introduced the new iPADS.  Sister Reid and I each have our own ipads and they will replace our planners, areabook and ward roster!!  It pretty neat all that it can do!  We only have ipads no iphones.  Also, we only have wifi uses on it which is anther new thing they are testing because the other missions that are using them have iphones and a data plan so they can use them wherever they go.  But we can only use them in areas that have wifi which makes it kind of hard.  But we are excited about this new change.  We already miss our old white planners..  I was hoping I'd keep all of mine when I got home.. haha.  And I just liked how easy it was to quickly jot something down or I'd use it to write funny things that happened that I would write later in my journal.  A lot to get use to! 
Now facebook.  So we will be proselyting off of facebook too!  Which is very exciting!!  But I am still trying to figure out how it'll all work with my facebook page.  They said to use your old facebook page and to just modify it but I can't figure out how to hide things..  So if any of you can help me out with that, that would be much appreciated (:
So how it will work is Sister Reid and I will be able to teach lessons now over facebook, Skype and facetime.  We will be able to have member present lessons by having members Skype in or be apart of our facebook lessons.  They want us to have our friends and family apart of the facebook process so they can see how our missions are going and to hopefully interest friends and family who may not be members or are inactive.  We cannot communicate with friends or family over facebook unless it is for a missionary purpose, meaning a lesson being taught to a friend or non-member family member.  We are still learning a lot about it!  But so far that is the basics of it!
I hope I answered some questions!  I am running out of time!  Let me know if you have any other questions! (:  Pray for me!  I'm a little nervous about this online proselyting.. ha
This is an exciting time to be a missionary!! (:
I love you all so much!!!!
Sister Knell 

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