Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th - Facebook Mission!

Hello Family and friends!!
Well this past week has been amazing!!  We have been so very blessed!  Jen Kramer got baptized Friday and confirmed Sunday.  We had another double baptism with the elders in our area.  The work is growing in University City!  I am so grateful to be apart of it! 
We found Jen through a pestcontrol guy named Trey.  He knocked on her door and somehow they started talking about the Book of Mormon.  He invited her to church and that is how we found her.  We started teaching her since that day and Friday she got baptized.  She is an amazing woman.  I am so excited to see her go to the emple and do her husbands work.  He recently passed away.  I know God had been  preparing her to hear the gospel.  Her live has changed so much because of the gospel.  I have been so happy and feeled with because of working with her!
I am so sorry this letter is going to be pretty short..
Real quick some highlights!
We went on exchages with sisters Webber and Jameson.  Sister Jameson worked at doTERRA for a while in the call center.  Small world!  It was so much fun serving with her for the exchange!  SHe has such a sweet spirit and love for the gospel!
We had a BBQ on pioneer day as a ward and we were all stuck under a pavillion b/c is was raining so hard!! hah but it was so much fun.  After the rain settled  we played a little b-ball with Nautykah's little Sister Nyemah.  She is interested in the church.  She came Sunday.  She is so sweet!  and AMAZING at b-ball.  It was a super fun night!  Jen was telling everyone about her baptism!  haha and just beaming!!  The ward has been so great with her!!  I love this ward!!!
My mission is now a facebook mission so I will be on facebook a lot more.  Everyday actually.  so don't be surprised if I message you! haha.  and please message me back!!
AH!  THere is so much I want to share but I am running out of time :(
I love you all so so much!!!  Thank you for all you do!!!
Sister Shoemake!  I love you and miss Stateville!!  How are the new sisters? 
Sister Knell

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