Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22nd Letter - Only 13 Months Left?

Hello family and friends!! (: 

This week was hot, HOT, HOTT!!!  Sister Reid and I were dying!  Plus we were on the bikes this week.  We tried our hardest to get rides everywhere, we did pretty good! (:  But for some reason when ever we go visit this lovely lady in our ward we always think, "lets just go through campus, it'll be a lot faster!" (we live across from University of North Carolina - Charlotte) but every time we go through campus we get lost and it ends up taking us forever to get to our apt! haha its ridiculous!  You'd think we would learn by now not to go through campus.. well at least not walk through campus, biking isn't as bad.  Since we are piloting the iPads with only WiFi we always have to find places that have WiFi.  Our apt. complex has an office that if you sit outside of it you can get WiFi.  Well that's exactly what Sister Reid and I do like every night so we can sync our area books to each other and get on Facebook.  But its also near the pool which means mosquitoes! :S poor Sister Reid has 27 bites!!  I only have like 5 but it feels like millions!  I am always so itching from the bites..  We have this nasty bug spray that smells like mountain men in our apt. but we don't want to stink.. ha so I guess we deserved it.. today hopefully we'll buy yummy smelling kind.. if such a thing. haha

GUESS WHAT!  We have another baptism this weekend on Friday.  Jen Kramer!  And this morning we got the best text from her it said, "My baptism is going to be AWESOME! I'm so excited!"  Which just made my day!  We are super excited as well and feel so blessed to have been able to work with her!  Her husband died a year and a half and go and she has been having a really hard time but ever since we've been working with her, her countenance has changed and you can see the light of Christ in her glowing!  I just love her!

This past week has felt like one of the slowest weeks of my life.. hahaha...  Also, I have come to love "Pasta-Roni".. haha.  Sister Reid and I eat it A LOT!! haha

Sister Reid and I had dinner with Sister Roman a lady in our ward who we have been working with and just LOVE!!  haha.  She is so funny!! We live pretty close to her so we told her that we could just walk home but she was worried that we would die from the heat and so she gave us a ride home.  As we were driving home there was a man walking on the street and Sister Roman says, "Should I hit him?!" then, "I'm going to hit him!!!" (while sister Reid and I are just dying laughing) then she turns just in time to BARELY miss him.. haha oh wow.. and says, "Did you see how scared he looked!!!" Then she crazy laughed.. hahahaha so funny!!  We love her!  That was one of my highlights this week.. hahaha because this week was never ending!

We did have a Zone Conference this week!  It was GREAT!!  I love President and Sister Craven!!  They are so inspired and take such great care of us.  We learned: "How to Give a Talk" from Sister Craven.  Sister Craven is so sweet and proper.  I love learning from her!  She makes me want to be a better missionary and daughter of God. 

I love being a missionary!  I hit my 5 month mark the other day and it was so weird to think I only have 13 months left--that may not sound like a little but then next month will be only a year!! Crazy!!!  I am so blessed and grateful to be here in North Carolina!  The people here are amazing!  I feel the spirit of the Lord each and everyday!

We had a wonderful Sacrament meeting yesterday and one thing that stuck out to me was, "Are you just active in the church or are you active in the gospel?" I encourage all of us to always remember to read our scriptures and say our prayers daily!  I know that when we do these things it will help be active in the gospel and not just the actions of going to church every Sunday.

I love you all so much!!

Have a blessed day!


Sister Knell


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