Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8th Letter - Baptisms & a Seventy!

This past week has been GREAT!!!  The baptism was AMAZING!!!!  I had never felt the spirit so strong!!  We had Nautykah getting baptized and then the elders in our area also had a baptism-the Valley family (4).  So there were 5 baptisms!  And over 100 people showed up!  It was beautiful!  Nautykah was just glowing!  Her mom and little sister came and now her mom is curious to learn more!  Sister Reid and I feel so blessed!  It was truly amazing!  Elder Parker from the seventy was there because he helped work with the Vallery family, he is one of the main reasons they got baptized.  When he heard they were going through with getting baptized, he changed his whole schedule to be there.  He also said so many amazing and powerful things!  he said that when you are released from your calling of being a Seventy your journals during that time period are put into church history.  He then said that, that night he was going to write about this baptism and that Nautykah and the Vallery family were going to be a bit of church history, which we all thought was pretty neat!  He then said toward Nautykah, "Nautykah, you will travel the world telling people about the gospel and through your example many of your family members will be baptized as well."  I thought that was amazing!!!  Many great things are going to happen in her life!  I am very excited for her!  And grateful I got to be a part of it.  President and Sister Craven came as well and President came up to Sister Reid and I and told us that he was very pleased with the work we were doing in University City and that we get to stay there and stay together(b/c it was transfer calls)!!! HAPPY DAY!!  It was a great finish to an amazing day!  OH! and President told us that Thursday we will be having a meeting for my district to introduce the IPADS!!! Our district is the one that gets to try them out!!!  WOOHOOO!! (:  SIster REid and I are super DUPER EXCITED!! ha (:
Then Sunday was just as beautiful!  The Vallerys and Nautykah got confirmed!  And her little sister and cousin came to that.  They sat behind us and it was so sweet to hear Nautykah teaching them about the hymns and sacrament.  It touched sister Reid and I.  We could already see her being that example.  After church we ate with our favorite family.  The Roisums!  Then later went to a Fiesta for the Spanish branch.  A YM was going to leave for his mission and that was his goodbye party I guess and they wanted us to sing with the Spanish elders Called to Serve.  It was a lot of fun!  It made me wish I new Spanish.. hahaha.  I love that culture!
The Lord is blessing this area and I feel so blessed to be here.
I love you!!
Sister Knell (:


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