Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th Letter - Maggots & Eating Aloe Vera?!


How is everyone doing?!?  I hope lovely! (:

This week has been crazy full of service!!  Sister Reid and I are going to start a moving company!! haha because we helped move three families this week!!  Two in ONE day!!!  We called it Thomas day because their lasts names were Thomas. haha and two different Thomas families.  Hahaha and the move on Saturday was very...interesting...  We knew it'd be pretty bad and it was.. sadly.  We are happy for this member to be out and into a new clean home.  Poor Sister Reid had to go into her bathroom and grab a picture off the wall.  She said she is scarred forever she sad.  It was full of flies and maggots.. icky!

Yesterday we helped teach the primary.  Six to seven year olds.  It made me miss my sunbeams!!  Tell them hello for me!!  they were the cutest things!!  I loved their answers to questions about the 10 commandments and the 2,000 stripling warriors!  So cute!!  

We are working with a lady named Zachene.  She is one of our members co-workers.  She is from Jamaica!  She is one of our favorites!!  This week when we went and visited her she feed us the NASTiest stuff! hahaha.. Aloe vera!!  from the plant!! It was so slimp and weird tasting!!  She just laughed.. rude!! haha  and she made us try malaise mixed with water and then these ginger and coconut cookies.  You think would taste good but weren't my favorite!  The Jamaicans have different taste buds.. haha

Well I am out of time again this week!! Sorry!! 

This week was a little slower!

I love y'all!!
OH! and yes dad, I do know a Sister Tanner!!  I love her!!  Everytimne we see each other we hug and say we'll be companions one day (;

have a blessed day!


Sister Knell

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