Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12th Letter - Interesting Week...

Hello my lovely ones!!
This week has been a funny one!!  So many random and weird things throughout the days! ha.
First, we had a zone activity on Monday.  BEST DAY EVER!!!  I felt like a normal human again!! hahaha... and still a missionary.. don't worry.  (; We had a BBQ at a park and played volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and random other stuff.  It was SO FUN!!!  It was seriously mine and Sister Reid's FAVORITE day!! haha and it helped that we went to target!  The clothes were so cute!!  It was awful!  Now I know why we don't go there!! haha.  Both of my MTC companions are in my zone!  Crazy huh!?  It was great seeing them again.  I just love being with the whole zone and other missionaries in general!  I feel safe and always happy! Ha. Is that weird? 
We are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission.  I may have mentioned that.. but I am so grateful to be reading it together!  I know it will truly help us grow together! and be united!
Sister Reid and I are starting blogs..  but I don't know what to write... BLEH!  Any suggestions?  You can message me on facebook with any ideas! (:  I would LOVE that.  B/C I don't know what to put on there.. ha.  So far I have the courage video on there.. but might take it down..  I don't know.  It'll be
We had district meeting with President and Sister Craven.  We talked a lot about facebook and the ipads since we are the district piloting them.  The other district in or zone will be getting ipads as well and the WHOLE mission will soon be on facebook.  So CRAZY!  Sister Reid and I thought that we'd get to stay together another transfer at least because we are piloting the ipads.  But President told us that anyone could be transferred.  That's part of the piloting.  Seeing if missionaries are able to adapt to the ipads.  Now sister Reid and I are worried we'll be split ); we are sad and hope not.  Transfer calls are on this Saturday!!  Crazy sauce!  Oh President and Sister Craven took us all to Subway after district meeting for lunch.  It was so fun!  Then one of the assistants was the last one in line with president Craven and he started talking to the subway guy and got his contact info.  The sisters we were sitting with stopped eating and said, "oh man, what if this was a test..?!" the other said, "Then we all failed but elder Frampton." hahaha oops.  I was so hungry, I only thought of the food.. I need to get better at talking to EVERYONE!  any tips? (:
We had a lesson with Jen this week and it went great! As always!  She was cleaning out her pantry and wanted to give us some food that she can't eat because of her diabetes.  So of course she gives us a box that use to carry beer in it...  Sister Reid and I were DYING!!  We didn't know what to do!  The box was covered with the logo.  We were worried it would look bad!  Which of course it did!  So I covered it with my sweater and we ran inside and emptied it then smashed it up and through it away.. ahaha so funny.. I guess y'all had to be there...
We are teaching a sweet girl named Zachene.  She is from Jamaica!  We LOVE her!!  Her granparents have been staying with her from Michigan.  They ARE SOCUTE!!! ha!  Sister Reid and I LOVE them!  They were heading back home this past weekend.  We got pictures with them and said goodbye.  It was so sad!  They were loving the lessons!  We are going to send the missionaries to them in Michigan.  When we first got to Zachene's house.  Papa was trying different outfits on for the pictures!  LOVE him!  They are seriously the cutest couple!  His first outfit was lime green shorts and a black zip up polo with a black hat and a money sign necklace.. hahaha THE BEST!!  I will miss them!
So now to the weird stuff!
So about a month ago we met a guy at the bus stop as we were walking home and were suppose to meet with him but he didn't show.  And the other day we ran into him at the library.  He said he'd love a church tour!  We were so excited!  So we had an appt. set and everything!  We got to the place we suppose to pick him up (with a member of course) and he cancelled go figure.. and then he texted us later and was all mad that we couldn't see him at the time he wanted and he texted us, "We do it today or no deal I don't want to waste my time." Sister Reid and I were shocked!!!  So we apologized and said we couldn't cuz we had an appt. anywho.. he called us later that night wanting to hang out.  hahaha.. oh gees and when we said we weren't allowed to he said we were part of a cult.  Oh wow. very interesting!  He's 21 so we'll pass him over to the YSA elders anyway.
last story!  Then I have to go!  So,  I was feeling really sick that night and so right after planning I went to sleep.  Like right at 9:30pm  I was out.  I woke up to sister Reid all scared at 11pm.  She says, "Sister Knell did we lock the front door!!??" "Some guy just called us and now I'm really scared!!"  I was still half asleep I don't remember what I said.  So long story short..  there is a guy we met through facebook who is from Africa.  His visa has expired and so he wants to find a wife so he can stay in the country.  He keeps trying to get in contact with us.  We keep telling him he is not in our area so we can't and he is already working with the Zone leaders, and to make this even shorter...  We were so scared from his call that we pushed our beds together sang hymns and then called the zone leaders.. we were so scared!  We thought they needed to know.. The next morning we felt so lame b/c everything was okay.... so embarrassing!! haha.
The church is true!  The work is growing!!  I hope all is well!  I love you all so much!!
Have a blessed day!!
Sister Knell
ps sorry if that was all random.. that was how our week was. xo

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