Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19th Letter - Leaving University City ):

Hello Family! (:

First off, I am getting transferred ): sadly!!  I leave tomorrow!  I am not a fan of packing! haha

--hold any letters!!  I'll send my next address next week! --

Well, this week was very slow... which made it kind of rough.  But I know God is in charge and great things are going to happen!

A little random funny from this week:
The other day sister Reid and I got caught in a rainstorm as we were biking to an appt.  Well our appt. fell through so we were biking back and we passed by this cute white house.  I had a feeling we needed to stop there.  But I ignored it.. and kept riding on.  But then the feeling was even stronger!  So, I yelled to sister Reid to stop and turn back because we needed to knock on this door.  Also, I needed to go to the bathroom so I thought, "perfect! I can use the bathroom and then sister Reid and talk to them!" ha.  We get to the door and a lady says, hello and then we ask to use her restroom and that we are far from our apt.  She hesitates but then lets us come in.  We were soaked!!!  So, when I came out of the bathroom sister Reid was laughing at something.  She seemed nervous having us there so we said thank you left her a card with our name and number and left.  As we were leaving sister Reid said the little boy turned to his mother and said,  "Mom, do we always have to be nice to hobos?" hahahaha I was dying!!  We must have looked awful!  I have no idea why we needed to stop there but maybe something will come out of it (:
*We celebrated sister Reid's 3 month mark by ordering Chinese take-out!!  So yummy!!! (: --it reminded me of home and all the fun times my friends and I ordered Chinese take-out (: happy days!
*My 6 month mark is tomorrow!!  Crazy Sauce!
*The past week has been amazing fall weather!!  So hopefully fall is coming soon here in North Carolina!
*I dyed sister Reid's hair.  It looks good! (: 
*Our apt. will now have Hilliard sisters!!  They will be working with the Zone Leaders in the YSA ward.  We don't know who they will be yet, well tomorrow (: sister Reid keeps joking that I'll be a Hilliard sister and pack up my stuff just to unpack in the next rooms closet.. haha I'd die!! (;
*Best surprise!  Etta called us from Michigan to tell us she made it safely there!  I love her!!  Made my day.  She will get baptized one day!!  I just know it!!

All is well!

I love y'all!!


Sister Knell

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