Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th Letter - She's in Virginia!!?!

Hey y'all!!

Transfers were totally different this time around!!  nobody knew what was going to happen.  President called it a "Box B" experience.  Which made it a little more stressful!  Ha.  Sister Reid and I cried a bit during transfers...  I am going to miss her!!  She is so great!!  She is training too!!  I am excited for her, she is going to be an amazing trainer!

Well, I am in Danville, Virginia!  Sister Blaney and I are opening the area for sisters!!  Sister Blaney is brand new!  And I will be training her!  She is the sweetest thing!!  I am excited to work with her!  She is from Carston-Alberta, Canada!

It is so weird to be in Virginia!!  I feel like I should be in North Carolina!  You would think I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but somehow i can.  The ward here is AMAZING!!  We got in super late on Tuesday night because the drive was three hours long because there were a few detours and such!  And the bishop and his wife and brother Evans were waiting for us with dinner and things for the apt. So so sweet!! 

The apt is so tiny!!  The town has a small town feel to it!  Downtown is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Main Street is full of Victorian homes that a HUGE and gorgeous!  I am in LOVE!! haha  Sister Blaney probably gets annoyed by how much I talk about the homes here. ha (: 

Interesting story:
At transfers I was picking up our "Danville" opening box and one of the Assistants comes up to me and says, "there is a new name for you in the mission office." and I am thinking, "Oh no!!  What did I do?!" he continues to say, "So we were finishing up transfers with President Craven and had everything all figured out.  President was having a hard time because he really wanted to open Danville up for sisters.  He kept saying, 'I wish we had just ONE more sister' and then we looked down and saw your name on the ground.  B/c you had fallen off the transfer board!"  So they did transfers without me!! haha I was like wow this is a great a story--y'all forgot about me. ha but then he told me they call me, "the transfers angel" 

For some reason hearing that really helped me be more excited about opening Danville.  B/c I was getting really nervous about being so far away from the mission office and leaving University City.  It was really hard.  But I know that this is where I am suppose to be!!  I am excited to serve here!  The people are amazing!!  We have had so many great experiences already!!  I know the work is going to grow here!!  I can just feel it!

Oh!  And I spoke on Sunday!  All of us missionaries did.  The ward was having a special fast on missionary work and helping the work move along here in Danville.  I am excited to see whats going to happen.  The Lord is truly hastening His work!!

I love you all so so much!!!

Sister Knell

ps, everyone says, "aunt" like Dee does!! haha LOVE IT!!

and mom and dad, one of you asked about letters to my comps families.  Yes, I do that (:


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