Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd Letter - Many Miracles!


Well, I need to be quick!!!

This week has been amazing!!  We have seen so many miracles!!  Especially just yesterday!!!  We got three new investigators! We had exchanges and both the High Point sisters came here!  It was truly amazing all the success we saw!!  And all in one day!!  Labor Day was probably my favorite day!!!  And they are all pretty solid!!! yay!!!  The work is moving forward in Danville!!!  (:

Tuesday we had interviews with President Craven.  i feel so blessed to be under his direction!  he is an amazing mission president!!  I know I am suppose to be here in Danville!  I love the people so much!!

Wednesday the ward had an open house for us sisters.  It was AMAZING!!!!  The ward got together and brought us everything we needed for our apartment and pantry.  Seriously EVERYTHING!!  Sister Blaney and I felt so loved!!  We know miracles are going to happen here!  It was also fun to get to see that text from mom through the bishopric!  Small world!!  i love doTERRA! ;) 

Thursday we got a new investigator named Jason.  He is actually our neighbor.  Dad, he's the one that told me about the BYU vs Virginia game.  We are trying to help him stop smoking.  He has the desire.  Just needs to do it now.  But we had an amazing lesson with him and a member yesterday.  He is progressing!!  I know he can do it!

Friday was a crazy interesting day!  But one funny thing that happened was that we visited a lady named Pat in the ward that collects coca cola everything and has a warehouse just full of coca cola stuff. anywho..  She offered us coca cola and I have learned here in the South, you do not turn down anything or the people here get offended.  I warned sister Blaney about it but she didn't listen.. haha.  So when Pat gave us one and sister Blaney said no, the whole atmosphere changed and Pat was so sad and offended!!  And then I became Pat's favorite! ha.  It was something you probably had to be there for.. but it was really funny!  Oh!  and she made me put salted peanuts in my coke!  It was actually pretty good! ha.  She said it was a "redneck southern thing" but none of members have heard about it.. so she was probably just pulling my leg.. oh well.. it was fun! (:

Lots more happened but I am out of time!!

I love you all and this work!!  The church is true!!!


Sister Knell

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