Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th Letter - Inspired Knocking!!

Hey Y'all!!!!!

This week has been amazing!!!!  We have seen so many miracles!!!  

I am running out of time again :S  but I'll give you a quick highlight for each day!  (:

Tuesday we got another new investigator!!  Her name is Debra Avery!!  We call her Sister Avery!!  She is the sweetest lady!!  After her appt. we had another appt. w/Chuck but he wasn't there so we decided we should get the bike pump from the elders (our bike tires were VERY low) and so we made plans to meet them at the church but on our way there we passed a cute little white house and I felt like we needed to stop and knock on the door.  A lady answered the door and then told us to hold on (normally this doesn't happen, they just say sorry not interested).  We hear a lot of shuffling around and then a man comes to the door (I was worried he was going to tell they weren't interested--in a nice stern voice "yelling").  he invited us in and shock our hands.  They apologized for their house being messy.  We could tell they changed their clothes and cleaned up the house.  Sister Blaney and I were in shock!!!  Then the man (David) started talking about religion!  We were really shocked!!  Long story short!  David has been looking for a church!!  He feels like all the churches he has gone to lately are very hypocritical and he doesn't want his children to be raised in a church like that.  We talked them about the church and what we believed.  He was very interested but their whole family was sick and so they wanted us to come back next week.  Hopefully we start working with them!!  They had the cutest little ones and I felt something in David.  His wife Sherry doesn't believe in God right now but I could see that change as well.  Meeting with them was a tender mercy from the Lord!  I am grateful I have been listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost!!  Sometimes I get nervous and think, "nah, next time" (especially when its pouring and I look like a hobo ;) but I am grateful I didn't do that with David and Sherry!!  I know they needed that in some way or another to let them know God is listening to them!  (:

The rest of the week was great!!  I wish I could share it all but I am really out of time.. eek!!

I love you all so much!!!!  I hope y'all have a blessed week!!!!

Sister Knell

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