Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17th Letter!

Hello Family and Friends!!
This past week has been an interesting one!  My companion and I are still learning the area which makes for lots of going around in circles and getting lost... and wasting 20 miles! maybe even close to 40... ha. sad sad day!  We will be biking lots by the end of this month!!  Oh joy! (;
Well we started off this week by almost dying like I mentioned last Monday from that crazy rain storm!  And we were an hour late to our dinner appt. :s but the dinner was yummy and a cute kids thing.  Its Spaghetti Tacos from the show iCARLY.  It's spaghetti in taco shells.. haha simple and her kids love it!  Sister Reid and I loved it (: We are kids a heart big time!

Sister Reid and I get a long so well!!!  I love her!!  we actually made up a song!  She loves to sing and so now I sing like all the time.  She has a beautiful voice!  I'll try to attach the video! (:  It's from the song off of Pitch Perfect during her audition with the cup. (:  We wrote it one night when we felt music deprived. haha.
Also, I am turning into Marissa and I LOVE fruit snacks!!!  Luckily Sister Reid loves them too!! haha We bough two HUGE boxes and last week ate the one whole box and half the other!!  So bad!! haha.
Tuesday we taught a new investigator.  His name is Ben.  He has a cute little boy named Tyler who is 4 yrs old.  It was a really good lesson.  The spirit was so strong and I could feel it leading the lesson.  This past week we've been focusing on teaching people, not lessons.  In that lesson I could really feel the spirit helping us teach to Ben's needs.  We are hopeful that he will continue to progress.  We had a Sister in our ward come with us and she said afterwards that she had never been to a lesson where she could feel the spirit that strong and the investigator so interested too.  She's a ward missionary in our ward, she use to go out with the ther sisters before us.  It made Sister Reid and I feel like we were doing something right. (:
On Wednesdays we teach a Missionary Prep class with the elders in our area.  Last week we only had one come but this past week we had three there!!  YAY!! (: ha

The ward here is great! We love them!!  They are always so willing to help us out whenever we need it! (:  I am so grateful for their love and support!
OH! and Sunday we had another new investigator at church!!  Her name is Nautykah!  She is 15 yrs old!!  She is the funniest, sweetest and my favoritest girl ever!!!  She has a baptismal ate of July 6th!! Woot woot!!!  (: hehehe  I am excited for her!!!  But there is still a lot that we need to teach her and help her understand a little bit more (:
We taught in Relief Society Sunday.  It was good!  But really last minute so we felt funny the whole time.. ha.
I got my bike tire fixed!!!  YAYY!!!!!!!!
I heard Louisa is going to Colorado!!!!  YAY!!!!!  SOO PROUD OF HER!!!!!!  She is going to be a great missionary!!
Dee asked, "How's the new area? Is being a trainer cool?"
The new area is beautiful and green!!  But not country at all like Statesville was.  I miss the country!  It's harder to bike because the roads are small and crazy busy!!!  But I love being close to Target and lots of other stores!! haha.  It makes me so happy!!  OH!! and today we have a zone activity!!  We get to go to the Charlotte Speedway!!  I'm WAY excited!!!  I'll send pictures next week!! (: We aren't right next to the main downtown of Charlotte but we are close!  We got lost and ended kinda by it the other day and took some pictures! hahaha.  There are a lot bugs here!!!  Surprisingly.  We HATE them!!! haha Sister Reid and I are big babies when it come to bugs!!  But that is because they are not normal bugs here!!  They are like nasty icky kind!!! haha. 
Being a trainer is a lot of fun!!  I love it!!!  Sister Reid is a great trainee so that makes it a lot better!!  We have fun everyday!! (:  She is hilarious!!   Its stressful though!!  Because I want to make sure I am teaching her all that I know and all that she needs to know too.  But she makes it very easy and fun!  (:  I am grateful for the calling!  She has taught me so much too!!
Well I am running out of time!! I love you all so much!!! and am grateful for all the wonderful examples I have had to look up to!! 
I invite you to all share your testimony to a friend that you know that may not be a member or who may be struggling with their testimony.  That is what we are challenging all of our ward families when we eat dinner at their house.  We leave them with a member missionary bag.  It has different types of church media in it and we invite them to give it away and we follow up in two weeks.  Its been great!!
I love yall!!
Sister Knell

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