Monday, June 24, 2013

June 21st Letter - Announcement of mission changes

Hello fam fam,
This past week was a hard-ish one.. haha Did I say that last time?  I felt like I did.  But it was a very slowwwwwwwww week and it felt like everyone cancelled on us or dropped us.  Not our favorite week.  But we did have many great meetings this week which helped me feel better and more excited to serve and jump in to working with the member in the ward. 
Well Monday we went to the Charlotte Speedway for a zone activity.  It was fun!  We were all in a big van.  There were so many missionaries that we had three vans! ha.  I loved that.  I took lots of pictures and a few videos.. but I am really bad at sending the via email..  I'm trying to get better!
We've met a lot with Nautykah this past week.  She is progressing!  I love her sweet spirit and fun personality!  She made that week a lot better!! 
Well we had a trainers/trainee meeting on Friday.  I've been to everyone of those meetings since I've been out on my mission. But I love getting to go to them because every time I learn something new about being a better companion and trainer.  I love when we get all together as missionaries too!  Its the best!!  I got to see Sister Lewis!  She was my other companion in the MTC with Sister Iczkowski.  I love her and miss her!!!  And I saw Sister Chandler!!!  She gave me the update on Stateville! Ha  it just made me miss it 100xs more!!  I loved my Statesville!!!  But I am loving Charlotte too.  The University City ward is amazing, so its all good(;
So for the broadcast Sister Reid and I had dinner at the Roisum's house (a family in our ward) and then watched the broadcast with them.  First I want to say, they are the cutest family ever!  They made me excited for my future one day (; ha.
The broadcast was amazing!!  Sister Reid and I were waiting for them to announce all the "big" news so I could finally tell y'all!  So you know how they mentioned missionaries using the internet?  Well our mission is one out of 5 missions that will start using iPad/iPhone/tablets etc!!  Elder Evans announced that a month ago during our conference here in Charlotte.  But now I can finally tell!! YAY! The plan for the iPads are to replace our planners and area books pretty much.  They will have updated maps and ward lists so missionaries will know where members live and who is who and investigators teaching records.  We are all so excited!!!!  We don't know what area will get them first.  Rumor going around that it's the Charlotte areas... (: but I'm not sure.  How exciting though!!  And having the church s open is something we are excited about too!!!  So many great things are happening in this amazing work!  I am so grateful to be apart of it!!  I saw Val in the choir too!!!  I was freaking out a bit!!! hahaha  I'm so proud of her for going on a mission.
I was thinking about Saturday morning breakfast too dad!!  I miss those days..  But can't wait to have them again!! (: yummy German pancakes!! mmm mm! :p
I got Haley's letter!! and cute graduation announcement!  I'll write her back today! (:
Oh! and tell Louisa that a boy in my ward here (University City) just got called to her same mission and he reports to the MTC the SAME day!!!! CRAZY!!! His name is James Adams!
I love you all soooo much!!!
Sister Knell

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