Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 17th Letter- Hello again Charlotte, North Carolina (:

Hello darlings!!
Well guess what!!  I got transferred back to Charlotte!  But In a totally different Ward and Stake.  I am closer to South Carolina now, part of my area even covers it!  So Now I have been to every part of my mission (; yay!
Sister Burrows is from Northern Arizona (a little town called Fredonia) she has been out three months and is great!  I love working with her already!  We are opening a third area in Providence!  So now they will have three sets of missionaries in this ward!  Crazy!  The work is moving forward! (:  I love it!
Well This part of Charlotte is the very, very nice part.. So pray we will find humble people to teach..  Because so far we haven't had any luck sadly..  We had a total of 4 hour lessons last week..  I forgot what its like first opening an area..  The Monday before transfers Sister Blaney and I had two other lessons, found three new investigators and had two lessons with less active members--all after 5pm!  Which was a miracle!!  But just shows the difference..  I know that we will get there soon though!  I have the faith (:  We can do it!!
Well out of time.. but some news..
My whole mission will be getting iPads during the first week of December!!  Crazy huh?!!  Sister Burrows is so excited!! haha.  I'm excited too!  But going to miss my white little planners (; haha
Elder Quentin L. Cook (spelling?) will be coming this weekend as well!!  Super excited!! (:
My new address is:

1821 Echo Forest Drive #103
Charlotte, NC 28270
Letters are always welcomed (;
Well out of time!!
I love you all so so much!!
Sister Knell

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