Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11th Letter - Leaving Danville ):

Hello loved ones!! (:

Well I am getting transferred!!  ):  

I am so sad to leave Danville!!!!  But also super excited for whatever will come!! (:

This week was a slooowwww week!!  But still great!!! Because of Daylight savings it is sunny in the morning and we go running now!!  YAY!!  We've gone almost every day!!!  (:  It has helped me have more energy throughout the day!  And it was bike week so lots of movement!  Which was good because it was SO cold this past week!!  They keep telling us that it might snow on Wednesday.. Too bad I'll miss it (; haha

Well we biked LOTS this week!!  It actually felt so good!!  I am starting to really like biking!!  Except on windy days.. that is not fun..

The leaves are beautiful here!!  But ALL over the place!  ha.  We raked my favorite persons yard!  Her name is Ida Mae Bliss.  She is the sister on my Facebook page.  She is 98 years old and amazing!!  We love her!!  She reminds me of Gpa Tom a bit (: ha.  She made us Chicken noodle soup and Hot cocoa afterwards. So sweet!  (:  But the hot cocoa was made with milk.. so sister Blaney had to secretly drink both of them.. haha.  We had 13 30gallon size bags from her yard!  It was seriously COVERED with leaves.  She has a huge tree in front of her house. And her neighbors have lots around her too!  Lots of trees!  I love it!!  Its funny the leaves here reminded me of the snow in Utah!  Everyone has leaves on there cars and all around their cars.  They have to blow the leaves away. ha too funny to me!

Friday we had a zone meeting and zone lunch.  It was lovely as always!!  But one thing that really stood out to me was how important it is to have bold, simple and powerful statements, especially while door and street contacting.  the spirit is so strong with simple short phrases.  I love it!  
So that is something I will be working on this week!  

Y'all could try it too!!  What we did was, 
find a principle out of PMG ch 8 (or just a church principle)--which is just six words of less. 
then share a core experience about the principle,  
Scripture to support princicple
and then finish by testifying.
It is so powerful!!  And doesn't have to be too long!

I'd love it if you'd share one you came up with!!  (:

After we had a zone lunch!  Which was lots of fun!  We had Chick-fil-a which is my new favorite!! haha probably not that best though (; I'm becoming a southern! haha

Then our apt. manager( who is a member) took us out to eat at a seafood place which was sooo yummy!  I thought I hated seafood..  I am starting to like lots of new things out here!  It is crazy!  And then after she said she had a surprise for us!  And she made us Italian cram bracelets!  It was the sweetest thing!  I love Sister Richardson!  I will miss her so much!!  She knew one of us would be leaving so she wanted us to have a memory of her and Danville!  Best memory ever!! (: 

Yesterday was a bit rough saying goodbye to the ward.. ): but It was the Primary Program!  So it was great!!  the children were adorable!!  And so great at their parts!!  Loved it!!  I miss my lil' ones back home!  So precious!!

OH!  Mom, tell sister Andersen's Primary class that I have given two of their copies of the Book of Mormon out!  One was Matt Runnell's Book of Mormon-I gave it to one of our investigators named Beverly.  She is great!  and loved the compass in it!  And the other was Jadden's Book of Mormon-I gave it to a man named Doug, he loves learning about religion and really enjoyed the Book of Mormon but left his at his cabin and hasn't been able to get it.  So I thought that would be perfect!  He was grateful!  So those are they only two I have given out so far!  I am trying to give out to those who really will appreciate them! (:  So please let them know!! (:  thank you!!

I love y'all so much!! 

Thank you for all the support!!!


Sister Knell


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