Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16th Letter - Hi hi (:

Hello loved ones (:

So last week I didn't have time to send out an email.. SORRY! But it was a slow week.. haha. no surprise (; !

We did get a new investigator! Her name is Maggie. She is also known as an eternal investigator.. So hopefully Sister Burrows and I can change that. She is the sweetest lady! I love her! She is from Peru and seriously the best! Very feisty.. haha! (:

This week was good-ish.. We had a zone activity and went Ice skating!! It was SO much fun!!! I didn't fall once!! Ciera and Rach should be proud of me (; I got my hairs cut (: ha. Only like an inch. I love my long hair! Yes, finally!! (;

I was super duper sick!! Still am getting over it :S It all started at a member's house. She has a cat.. and I think it like rules the house.. because there was cat hair all over the place!! (probably not as bad as Jenni's cat house.. haha but still bad) My hands were getting all itchy and swollen!! I was sneezing like crazy and coughing all dinner long! My throat was starting to get itchy and tight. I had no idea that she had a cat or else I would have taken my allergy medicine. But after that it all went down hill sadly (health wise). But I got a Priesthood blessing yesterday and am feeling better!! (: YAY!

So our whole mission got ipads Wednesday!!! Which is so fun! Remember when I had one like 6 months ago? Well they have totally changed them!! Like now we have email on our ipads and we can check it throughout the day (only read during lunch, dinner and after planning of course). Its the same concept of letters from the mailbox which is neat! But we can only write back on Mondays. And they will be our ipads for the rest our missions. We'll bring them with us to every area. I still miss my beautiful white paper planner.. But I am trying to love the new tools! (; they are great!

Well this week our stake had the "Festival of the Nativity" which had 400+ nativities from around the world! We didn't get to go... ): but we got to help set up! So we saw a sneak peek! (: It was beautiful!! I wish we would have been able to see it all together at the end.. but its okay.

So Christmas.. no one has signed up to feed us.. so.. I am not sure what that means with skype.. So I will hopefully let you know next week (: Dee, I got your package! Thank you! I haven't open my presents yet. I'm going to wait til Christmas (: Well out of time (: I love you all so much!! thank you for all the love and support!!


Sister Knell

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