Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Game Changer.

Hi there! Welcome to Sister Rebecca Jane Knell's North Carolina Charlotte Mission Blog.

I am Becca Jane's big sister Cassie and I will be updating this blog for the next 18 months. I live in Florida - away from our homeland of Utah - so please bear with me as I crank out what I receive! I am also making this very archival friendly. ;)

Now a little story about her decision to serve...

Becca was actually watching the October 2012 General Conference at our parents' home in Utah with myself and my two baby girls when President Monson announced that the age change for both Elders being able to serve at 18 and sisters at 19. Becca was 19 at the time! Our parents were in California celebrating our nephew Oliver's 1st birthday during the weekend announcement. So it was just us! We were super excited at the possibilities that had just opened up for the world - and hers!

Becca described the moment that he made the announcement as an answer to her prayers. She was wondering if she should go back to school, continue working full time, become a certified yoga instructor, or something else...what else could there be? Then BAM she felt it and made the decision to put in her papers as soon as possible.

She texted our dad on October 6th, at 11:20 am: "I want to go on a mission daddy." Just seconds after the announcement was made.

Here is a screen shot of the texts between Becca and her dad:

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